Ken Buck: Our Campaign Is #64Strong

When I began my run for the U.S. Senate, I pledged to be a Senator for all Coloradans. Recently my campaign completed a tour of all 64 counties in Colorado. As I spent the past few months visiting with and listening to the issues and concerns of Coloradans in every part of the state, one thing became clear. Despite his nearly two decades in Washington D.C., Mark Udall has failed to deliver on the promises he made and instead has become a puppet of extreme politicians like Sen. Reid and President Obama.


From the Western Slope to the Eastern Plains, the Front Range to the San Luis Valley, the people of Colorado want real leadership and a return to common sense Colorado values. They want a senator who will continue listening to their concerns beyond election day.

The issues voters face throughout Colorado are as diverse as our state’s geography.

KB-Map-Graphic-Blue-2Across Colorado, federal policies have impacted the price of energy, commercial and agricultural development, water rights, healthcare, and the quality of education. There is a desire for less federal intrusion, more limited government and more local control.

Most of all, Coloradans continue to suffer from the fallout of Obamacare.

While website glitches, low enrollment numbers, delays, and promises of fixes have filled the headlines, skyrocketing premiums in Colorado’s mountain resort communities have largely gone undiscussed. According to the reports that do exist, health care insurance can cost 30% more in Colorado’s many ski towns.

Despite all of this, Senator Udall has continued his defense of this disastrous law. In fact, a recent news report showed that Udall’s staff tried to pressure the Colorado Division of Insurance to change the number of people who had their health plan cancelled due to Obamacare.


At the UdallCantDeliver site set up by my campaign, people across Colorado have shared their stories of the impact Obamacare has had on them and their families.

A mother from the Boulder area shared the story of her family’s premium increase due to Obamacare. “I was paying $12,384 per year for family health coverage. Under Obamacare, the cheapest plan I can find is $18,484. We are all healthy and if we were to pay our physician cash out of pocket I guarantee it wouldn’t add up to the $6,100 difference in plans, let alone $18,484 per year.”

In addition to premium increases, others are dealing with losing their doctor, another broken promise by those who rammed Obamacare through Congress.

A father in Bailey shared his son-in-law’s story of losing his plan and his doctor. “[He] came home and said his company has dropped their healthcare. Told them the only Insurance company would be Kaiser. They will not be able to keep the same doctors they have been going to for years.”

He went on to note that, “this is what Obama has repeatedly said would not happen.”

This is a failure that Mark Udall voted for. In fact, without the vote of my opponent, Obamacare would not have become law.


With the help of concerned Coloradans across all 64 counties, we can take the common sense Colorado values of my campaign to Washington and finally make D.C. listen.

Follow my campaign on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for email alerts at our campaign site, and if you can, please consider a donation to help us continue to get our message to voters in all of Colorado’s 64 counties and show that we are #64Strong.


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