Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan on the Kagan nomination

Missourians are no doubt curious about what the two leading candidates in the 2010 Missouri Senate race think about President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to replace Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.  So what do the two key candidates have to say?


Republican Congressman Roy Blunt, on what the GOP and the Senate should do:

Judicial nominees should meet a substantially different standard than a person appointed by the president to serve for no more than four or eight years.  These nominations are for life, and a full review of a nominee’s view of the Constitution and the court should be required. Past confirmation should only be a starting point.

The old standard of ‘the president has been elected, and his nominee meets the basic standards’ should give way to an understanding that this person is likely to serve on the Supreme Court long after the president has left office.

The senators were elected too, and their constitutional responsibility is to a thoughtful, thorough, open review of each nominee who will serve our country for life.

Democrat MO Sec’y of State Robin Carnahan:

Yes, it seems that Robin Carnahan is back to her old routine of avoiding the issues and leaving Missourians to simply guess at her positions.  On the SCOTUS nomination, all we hear are crickets.


But maybe the problem is simply that Carnahan doesn’t want to admit that she supports a northeast leftist Ivy Leaguer.  Elena Kagan is hardly the “normal person” that Obama claimed…she attended Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard Law School, and has spent much of her academic and legal life rubbing elbows with the legal elite.  How would someone like this understand the “despised and disadvantaged” that she claims to represent?

Or maybe Robin is too busy partying with Barbra Streisand to make a statement.  Either way, you can be sure that she again is out of touch with the citizens of Missouri.


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