Grabbing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Hillary Clinton should be cake-walking into the Oval Office given the unprecedented unpopularity of Donald Trump among general election voters. But when we wake up Wednesday, November 9th to a new President-Elect, if its not Hillary Clinton, the Democratic circular firing squad will be worse than what the Republicans just put themselves through during the primary season.


If a Clinton defeat comes to pass, the powers that be need look no further than the LGBT community for where to lay the blame.

Gay marriage has been legal throughout the country for less than a year. As with most significant cultural shifts, the best plan of action is to be gracious in victory, give those who opposed you breathing room to let the new rules settle in, take root, and grow in acceptance and popularity.

The gay left has done neither.

First, the gay left is attempting to bankrupt bakers or florists when it would have been just as easy to walk down the street to another vendor. (Sidenote: I’ve never understood why the florist didn’t just say “I’m busy that day”, but I digress.) Conservatives warned the left using the power of government to force a ‘convert or die’ ethos on the Nation. Instead of proving them wrong, the left played right into Conservatives’ hands.

The next step was of course to implement a solution in search of a problem. The City of Charlotte passes an unnecessary law and the State Legislature provides an equally overreaching response. Outrage ensues.

There is not an epidemic of trans people being denied access to public facilities. Trans people safely use bathrooms every day, mostly because if they are truly trans, other folks don’t even notice.

Enter stage left Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who while speaking eloquently to the trans community, then lectures the people of North Carolina, with a Washington, DC mother knows best condescension we have become all too familiar with during the Obama Administration. Never once did she address the genuine concerns of parents who want legal protection if, God forbid, they have to punch a creep who is using these affirmative access laws to try to hurt their kid.


Contrast that with Donald Trump responding to Matt Lauer’s question about whether Caitlyn Jenner can use the women’s room…his response is so very common sense…’of course she can’.

All the while, the culture war is opened on a second front, and her name is Elsa. My colleague Joe Cunningham wrote at RedState that there is a movement afoot to bully (or even force) Disney into making the ubiquitous princess a lipstick lesbian. If it weren’t absurdly factual, it would actually be a relatively funny joke. At this point some voters begin to think people have lost their minds, and the common sense of Trump gets a second look.

Since liberals feel Elsa is not enough, and attacking North Carolina is not enough, and running small business owners into the ground is not enough – last Friday the Obama Administration issues a “directive” to schools around the country to allow children to use whatever bathroom they want. The one place and space of time in child’s day where parents are not around to protect them, is now stripped of a basic, common sense rule to curtail questionable behavior. High school kids, full of hormones and bad decision-making skills have the run of the place…not great if you ask me.

Trump voters are soon joined by white, middle class Democrats throwing their arms up in the air with a collective “What the Hell is Next?” You can begin to see the migration to Trump begin, he who will thread the needle with a common sense non-answer on these issues, while Hillary will be forced by trans advocates within the Democratic party to ignore common sense and slice and dice the politically correct.


Most Americans don’t care if two dudes get married. Most Americans don’t care how others choose to live their lives. The bottom line is most Americans are just trying to raise their kids to be good citizens.

When you start messing with the common sense it takes to raise kids in this day and age, Americans are likely to take action. If Hillary and the Democrats aren’t careful to mind the American middle, The Trump wave could become a tsunami.

Bryan Pruitt is a DC-based director at RedState.



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