Activism Training Coming to the RedState Gathering

Sure, you read RedState every day, follow the political arena locally and nationally, and maybe go to a community meeting every once in a while. But you want to do more.


For the first time, RedState is bringing you Activism Training during the RedState Gathering in Denver, August 12-14th. Register today!

We’ll teach you how to become a part-time citizen journalist. Ever think something fishy is going on at the City Council, School Board, or even higher. We’ll give you the tools to root out corruption on your own terms.

Ever wondered how to reach out to the non-traditional constituencies that are going to be critical for conservatives to win in the future. We are going to show you how to reach out to young women and Latinos, tell the story of conservatism, and why they should join our movement.

And finally, we show you how you can use cutting edge data-driven technology and the internet to change the debate, win the argument, and implement conservative policies back home.

Join us in Denver in August so you can make a difference in your community in the future. More information here, and register here today!



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