The SBC needs to pray for a better Comms Director

A picture is worth a thousand words…this one maybe even more than that.  Yesterday the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention received a bit of attention for literally and figuratively shaking their fists at the Supreme Court, before the Court even uttered a single word about gay marriage.


Our society is going through a profound debate about this issue, at the national level, and around dinner tables in millions of homes.  Its a good and necessary debate to have.  Its hard not to chuckle a bit though, because Ronnie Floyd thinks gay couples are going to knock down his door begging him to marry them?  Really?

That was not his point, of course.  But if you are trying to state your case and persuade the broader public, what the heck were these guys thinking presenting this image of their side to the Nation.  No women, no young pastors.  This image says so much more about the SBC than it does about the state of the debate on gay marriage.  The message I get is of the cranky old neighbor yelling ‘Get off my lawn.’  Much of the Nation shrugs, “Just wait them out, they’ll be dead in ten years.”

Hey, RedState’s Dear Leader @EWErickson agrees with them, and said as much on social media.  They couldn’t pick up a phone?

The fact is you can’t pray your way to good PR, time to get a new Comms Director, so at least its a fair fight.


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