Yes, Brazil's Former President Bolsonaro Is in Florida

(AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

On Sunday, fomer Brazilian Preident Jair Bolsonaro supporters occupied Brazil’s National Congress, Supreme Court, and presidental palace, objecting to the election results just over a week after President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, commonly refrenced as “Lula”, was sworn into office. Bolsonaro represents the “right-wing” bloc, his supporters appear in Brazil’s national colors of blue and yellow, while Lula is from the socialist party using the color red to represent themselves.


Widespread protests were seen across the country in the aftermath of the two rounds of the October elections. In the second round, Lula received 50.90% of the votes to Bolsonaro’s 49.10%, the closest presidential election result in Brazil’s history. Lula received the highest amount of votes recorded for a candidate in a Brazilian presidential election.

Questions circulated about if Bolsonaro’s incumbent government would enact the armed forces to ressist a transfer of power, but this did not happen. Bolonaro agreed to a peaceful transition of power, without ever conceding the election or signaling that the results were accepted.


In the wake of Sunday’s coup, a trending topic on Twitter read: #BolonsaroIsInFlorida

But, was he? Indeed, the New York Times reported that he has been in Orlando since late December.

Facing various investigations from his time in office, Mr. Bolsonaro flew to Florida in late December with plans to stay for at least a month. He has been in Orlando, living in a rented house owned by a professional mixed-martial-arts fighter a few miles from Disney World.

In fact, photos of Bolsonaro have circulated on social media. Slate published a picture of Bolsonaro dining at a KFC.

A video of Bolsonaro shopping at a Publix supermarket was uploaded to Twitter on Thursday.


Bolsonaro encouraged his supporters to remain peaceful at the time he departed Brazil in December. Lula has promised to find and prosecute the rioters responsible for Sunday’s events and has invoked the military to remove the occupiers.

While political instability continues to plague Brazil, what we know is that Bolsonaro is living a relatively normal life in Florida.


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