Top 5 Embarrassing Raiders Moments That Have Nothing to Do With How They Played

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The Las Vegas Raiders ended their season with a 31-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, leaving them with a 6-11 record. While there is plenty of criticism to share over their gameplay – from allowing six sacks to unsuccessfully going for it on 4th and goal instead of just taking the much-needed easy points –  the most embarrassing moments were not what the team did or did not do.


Here’s a list of the top 5 most embarrassing Raiders moments that have nothing to do with how they played:

1. Arrowhead West

Following reports that out-of-town rival fans taking over Allegiant stadium is a continued source of embarrassment to Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, Kansas City fans doubled down on their own allegiance by packing the stadium with a sea of red. The Chiefs Kingdom left no doubts about their presence, at what can be called “Arrowhead West”, as their traditional “home of the Chiefs” ending to the National Anthem was clearly and dominantly heard.

The earlier reports, originally published by OutKick, of Davis’ embarrassment, specifically cited the Chiefs’ fans:

“Mark is embarrassed,” a former Raiders executive said. “He was pissed last year when the Chiefs and Bears brought so many fans to town. Now it’s happening every week. He wants it to stop. 

The jokes seem to write themselves, as the Chiefs find themselves in an unusual situation regarding home-field advantage following the cancellation of the Buffalo at Cincinnati game due to Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin’s medical emergency on Monday night. This led to the NFL implementing rules that complicate the Chief’s path to a home game, even with the best-winning record in the league. Luckily, Las Vegas has offered up Allegiant Stadium as a “neutral site” in the event one is required. Chiefs fans are quick to point out that a game in Vegas is their second home at this point.


Well, actually Raiders fans said the same thing.

The Twitterverse agrees, Allegiant Stadium is Arrowhead West.

2. Allegiant Stadium Removes Their Own Fans

As if the strong showing by Chiefs fans wasn’t enough, some Raiders fans were removed from their home stadium for having signs that expressed unapproved opinions.

Here is video footage of Raiders fans being removed from their seats for displaying criticism, while other game attendees including Chiefs fans showed support for the individual being ejected.


Sports commentator Scott Gulbransen noted that the code of conduct is so vague at Allegiant, that the basis of the removal can be arbitrary. The excerpt he posted reads,

“The following actions are violations of the Guest Code of Conduct: Fighting, taunting, instigating, or encouraging any action that may harm, endanger, threaten, or bring discomfort to anyone.”

Yeah, I guess “benching McDaniels” would “bring him discomfort.”

3.  Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Doing Whatever He Wants

During the fourth quarter, the Chiefs started a play with a “Ring Around the Rosie” huddle. The play would have been successful for the touchdown, but it was called back due to a foul. The Chiefs would secure the touchdown for this drive, anyway.


Many sports fans would interpret this play as Coach Reid having fun at Raiders Coach McDaniels’ expense. In his post-season interview, McDaniels would be asked by the press if he saw this play as Reid being “disrespectful”, to which McDaniels said he did not see it that way.

In a post-game interview, Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes clarified that they call the play, “snowglobe”.

The play was fun and directed attention to Coach Reid, who was celebrating his tenth anniversary of the day he was hired as the Chiefs’ Head Coach, on January 7, 2013. I’ll leave out Reid’s stats on how he’s done as Coach, but trust me when I say there is reason to celebrate


The Chief’s Snowglobe/ Ring Around the Rosie play will not be soon forgotten in Raider Nation.

4. Raiders Quarterback Andrew Carr’s Jerseys on Clearance

Game attendees posted photos showing deep discounts on Carr jerseys after he had been benched, reportedly stopped showing up in the building citing he didn’t wish to be a “distraction”, and speculation about his future with the team is commonly discussed among fans.

5. Coach McDaniels Gives a Painful Post-Season Interview and Fans Have Thoughts

Here are the top comments on this Youtube video:

Top Comments on YouTube video of Josh McDaniels January 7, 2023 post-game press conference. (Credit: YouTube)

As you can see, there were many embarrassing aspects of the Raiders’ close of a losing season, aside from the way they played on the field. Better luck next year, Raider Nation.


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