Video Shows NV Dems Saying 'If We Lose, It'll Be Latino Republicans' Who Are 'Muy Machismo'

Spanish Language billboards in Las Vegas, announced by NV GOP in July 2022. CREDIT: Nevada GOP Facebook

On Thursday, a video began to circulate on the internet. The video shows a covert, Project Veritas Action journalist at the Nevada Democratic Victory office in Las Vegas speaking with staffers about Latinos, their culture, and more specifically, Latino Republicans.


The Nevada Democratic Victory (NDV) is a shadow party within the state, after the socialist slate took over the NV Dems; the Harry Reid Machine establishment created the alternate group to subvert the state party. Incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D) was bested by the well-organized socialist/Bernie Sanders progressives in her bid to chair the state party. Incumbent Governor Steve Sisolak (D) and the rest of the status quo power-structure ticket are affiliated with Nevada Democratic Victory, mostly bypassing the state party.

On the wall of the NDV office, campaign signs can be seen for Governor Steve Sisolak and Dina Titus, incumbent Rep. in Congressional District 1. Titus’ sign is written in Spanish.

The video shows Nevada Democratic Victory staffers talking about Conservative Hispanics, calling them bigoted against homosexuals, and using the trope, ‘muy machismo,’ to describe the Latino community.

Project Veritas Action (PVA) journalist:

“I ran into… I think we talked about it a little bit. But like, multiple Hispanic Republicans. Like, I was shocked.”

Isaac Gudino, Field Organizer:

“I don’t know why that surprises people.”


“Well, don’t they traditionally vote with us?”


“Have you ever spoken to like a… Hispanic? ‘Cause like when you do it makes more sense.”

Juletta Thiessen, Field Organizer:


“It makes more sense, but also not at the same time because…”


“But then that’s everybody’s issue of conflating like, ‘Hispanics only care about immigration, that’s it,’ You ever talk to like, again, I come… like you know, they are ‘muy machismo’ like, ‘Hey, you know, I don’t like gay people and s***.’ It’s just, it’s normal to me, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.”


“So, that part I get. It’s just like… hearing how Republicans talk about them, would just be like…”


“They talk about… what’s the… undocumented, that’s the conflation. It’s not necessarily about, like how legal ones, they… remember, Republicans love these people. They love the ‘good ones.’ They just wanna find a reason, that’s all.”

In another clip Gudino blames Latinos for a potential Democrat loss in the midterm election, saying,

“No if, high-key, if we lose, they’re why. Like, it just…”


“For real?”


“Yeah, no. Like, if there, if there’s any reason we lose it’s Latino Republicans. Just cause I was, cause I was out on f****** Nellis [Blvd.], when I was back originally, we… this office was closed for a little bit ’cause AC and wifi were out… and out that way, I saw like a f****** Spanish… I don’t really speak [Spanish], but I can read, I can it read a little bit. And it was just like ‘The Party of Freedom. The Party of Liberty.’ And it was all in Spanish. And I was just like… they’re talking about being ‘Pro-Life’ and being ‘Pro-Family’, it was like, ‘The Latino Way,’ I was like, ‘Oh no! Now they… somebody got smart enough to write their s*** in Spanish.”


Aside from suggesting Latinos are bigots and using tropes, other things Gudino suggested are correct. The Nevada GOP did put up several Spanish language billboards in Las Vegas, which they announced on social media in July. The billboards translate to:

Family. God. Jobs. Freedom.

Republican values are Latino values.

Translation note: I opted for the more common translation of ‘libertad’; the literal translation is liberty, of course. There is a grammar issue with doing a verbatim translation of the next line, but it means ‘the values of Republicans are Latino values.’ I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I am Hispanic. This translation was selected for utility.
Spanish Language billboards in Las Vegas, announced by NV GOP in July 2022. CREDIT: Nevada GOP Facebook

Now that we have cleared up Gudino’s rough interpretation of the billboards; I can admit that I actually agree with many of the ideas he proposed. Democrats do consider Latino ideas to be bigoted, and the Spanish language, too. I’ve been posting about this on social media in recent days.

Here are some of the thoughts I posted:

I think that Nevada’s Democrats bought into Roevember & showed that they do not understand Latinos to place a bet on a policy that is strictly against their majority religion. It also suggests they think all “minority” voters are monolithic, like a net they cast for “victims”.

Even Katie Hobbs can give the “un poco” platitudes about family values & their utility as good workers (please stop regarding Hispanics for their labor, thx). “Latinx” rebuke should have told them Latinos aren’t lambs to the slaughter of progressive ideology. D’s deserve to lose.

They tried to umbrella the term POC— which means they never tried it on for size. Do you know how stupid it would be for me to call myself a Person Of Color just because I’m Hispanic? They tried to re-define Latino, linguistically & ideologically. They pillage the Latino culture.

They thought Catholics & abortion seekers were the same thing… I can’t wait for Latinos to make an en masse run from the Democrat party. Maybe next month. Until then, they will be regarded for tacos (Jilly), labor, & told what they think of abortion & their own “bigot” language

Oh, & wait until they find out what Latino culture makes of “gender roles”… they don’t cater to Latinos. They re-define them.


The Project Veritas Action video only shows what we already know–that there are cultural and ideological reasons why Latinos would join the Republican party, where they aren’t objectified for their labor and their language isn’t pillaged with progressive conquests to ‘fix’ something that was never a problem to begin with.

I’ve had some choice words for linguistic imperialists:

#Latinx is stupid in two languages.

Agreed. Latino already means “all Latinos”… in multiple languages. The problem they were fixing didn’t exist. They were just mad the language has masc/femme words. And you can’t change that without literally destroying Spanish beyond recognition, all for fake problems. F them


So while vulnerable incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto (D) continues to pander to Latinos, in Spanish language ads, while constantly reminding Nevadans that she was the first Latina elected to the Senate, it’s her Nevada Democratic Victory organization that is slandering Hispanics as bigots. Masto also campaigned with Bernie Sanders recently. I condemned her surrogate’s commentaries about Cuba’s great literacy program.

To contrast how good socialists are to homosexuals, I have included thoughts on the internment camps under Castro’s regime. Bang up job, commies. 

And hey, @CortezMasto while you do laps trying to pander to the socialists that ousted you from your own party and use Bernie Sanders to appeal to the far left: Latinos should not forgive the “great literacy program” comments from your surrogate.

… My family fled Cuba. In light of Bernie Sanders comments on Cuba’s great literacy program: they also had a program where HIV patients were sent to sanitariums for life. Maybe he can tell us how much camaraderie LGBT found in their internment camps.

Oh, and this might be a good time to note that Latino-focused progressive organizations in Nevada are pro-socialist. Like Sanders and like Masto’s union buddies, all pandering to the Latino vote. Masto was just with the Nevada AFL-CIO and has voted, for the favored policies of AFL-CIO and the Democratic Socialists of America, in the Senate.


A ‘Make the Road’ affiliate openly celebrated socialism as they target the Latino community, tweeting “socialism wins.”

The AFL-CIO has openly displayed themselves as aligned with Marxists when they tweeted “seize the means of production,” with a video of Dan the Marxist roofer and threatened Delta Airlines with graphics showing a medieval murder weapon, writing that union dues were cheaper than building a guillotine. Those tweets are deleted, but the policies Masto supports in the Senate are still waiting for another round of rubber stamping.

Read More: No, Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s Worker Policies Are Not Compassionate

As a Hispanic Republican in Nevada, I already knew what Masto, Sisolak, and other incumbents thought of the Latino community. I knew Latino values did not align with progressivism, as demonstrated by the failure to colonize the Spanish language with “Latinx.” I knew the Dems’ policies threatened economic opportunities, and I knew that they were aiming to redefine the culture.


Republicans know that Latinos belong in our Big Tent Party. And, yes, we ‘wrote that s*** in Spanish.’ 


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