Dem PACs Cut $2 Million in Ads for Nevada Rep Susie Lee--as April Becker Brings the Heat

Nevada’s Democrat Congresswoman Susie Lee, embattled in District 3, was served a blow from her allies. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has cut $1.4 million from slated ad buys for Rep. Lee. Taken with the House Majority PAC (HMP) cuts of $600,000, Lee’s two-week total losses in advertising is $2 million.


The DCCC’s revisions and reductions not only impact District 3 but also incumbents Dina Titus (D) in District 1 and Steven Horsford (D) in District 4. In total, the DCCC spending reduction in Nevada is over $5 million. This comes after the state Democratic Party erroneously sent at least five mailers to CD1, attacking Republican Sam Peters who is running in CD4.

April Becker

April Becker is an attorney, a mother, and a recently-delighted grandmother running as the Republican nominee for CD3. She showed her chops as a competent candidate and formidable opponent in 2020, by challenging Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D). Becker narrowly missed by only one percentage point, a margin of 631 votes. Basically, Becker came about as close to taking out the legislature’s top Democrat as you can without winning, in a too-close-for-comfort show of force to the Dem stronghold.

By late summer, Becker was leading the incumbent Rep. Lee by three points. While the race is considered a toss-up according to the media, Becker’s momentum is tangible on the ground. As early voting totals roll in, there are no signs of slowing for Becker. And, it seems the Democrat-aligned PACs got that memo.

Becker is running on sound economics, stopping wasteful Washington spending, and combatting inflation. She is also a proponent of school choice, energy independence, and fixing the supply-chain reliance on Chinese manufacturing. 


Fiscal Flip-Flop

Monday, it was announced that instead of the lift in Lee’s district, (and in other incumbent Democrat’s races) the DCCC is routing $600,000 to Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-17) who is the Chair of the DCCC. Forbes ran this headline: Sean Patrick Maloney Risks Being First DCCC Chair To Lose Seat In 40 Years—In Latest Sign Of Midterm Trouble For Democrats

The prior day, Sunday, Maloney’s campaign admitted “worry” about his race to Albany Union Times, after the Cook Political Report changed their rating from “lean Democrat” to a “toss up.” The same day, Maloney told ABC that the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) was:

 …lighting on fire $7 million trying to beat me and on the day after the election they’re going to lose this seat and wish they had that $7 million out in races they could win.

In April, Maloney projected that DCCC wouldn’t need to spend in his race after CLF announced they would be spending millions to support Assemblyman Mike Lawler (R). Maloney said he “didn’t see a scenario” where he would need to spend the committee’s money in his own race, telling the GOP efforts to “Bring it.” Welp, the CLF and National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) brought it. 


CLF Communications Director Calivin Moore, writes:

Frontline Democrats getting cut off can thank Sean Patrick Maloney and his vain attempt to save himself. Sean Patrick Maloney’s hubris is the reason why he’s in a tough race to begin with and now it’s the reason Democrats will lose additional seats.

Bad Ads

Cutting Rep. Lee’s ads doesn’t seem like a bad idea to Nevadans, because on Sunday, Megan Barth of the Nevada Globe wrote about an ad for Lee featuring Dr. Adam Levy, an abortionist charged with crimes against children. In response, Becker called on her opponent and the HMP to answer to the platform they had given him.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a family member, I know all too well the trauma caused by someone like Adam Levy. Dr. Levy has spent months calling out others as a danger to Nevadans, when he is the sick individual that we should be worried about.

Susie Lee and House Majority PCA need to immediately answer for giving such a monster the platform they have given him.


CNN fact-checked DCCC and HMP abortion attack ads aimed at Becker and determined they were misleading and false, even noting that DCCC’s research file on Becker disproves the claims. While Lee’s campaign ads go from bad to barren, Becker has a way of always staying above the fray, focusing her efforts on the issues Nevadans care about. Becker tells RedState:

Two weeks to go and I’m focused on telling every voter my plans to fight inflation, secure our border, increase energy production, and get our country back on track.



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