Democrat Only Parking in Wisconsin Early Voting?

For the third time in four years voters in Wisconsin are casting their ballots to decide who will be the next governor. Gov. Scott Walker was first elected in 2010, and he overwhelmingly won a recall election forced by labor unions and Democrats in 2012. Now he’s asking for a second term.


In Wisconsin’s dizzying succession of elections, recalls, and more elections, the Service Employees International Union has established Wisconsin Jobs Now, a thinly disguised community organizing group whose mission is to turn out the vote in urban areas of the state. The MacIver Institute, a conservative think thank here in Wisconsin, noticed earlier this week that Wisconsin Jobs Now vans used to turn out early voters were parking in a no-parking zone established just outside of Milwaukee’s early voting location.

Media Trackers observed a Wisconsin Jobs Now staffer carefully keeping others away from the no-parking zone with orange highway cones.

After making several inquiries with the City of Milwaukee, Media Trackers was told by Denise Watson, the woman overseeing the early voting efforts at that location, that the parking spaces were open to anyone who wanted to vote early or drop someone off to vote early. We decided to test that statement by waving signs that advertised the early voting parking and by moving the orange cones around whenever any voter wanted to park there.


That didn’t sit well with one election worker.

Within minutes an official City of Milwaukee poll worker stormed outside of the early voting location to demand that the voters who parked there remove their vehicles to make way for the SEIU-funded vans rolling in. Here’s a video of what happened.


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