Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) Cares a Lot About our Troops

She cares so much in fact, that she is really deeply committed to making sure that if they get accused of a crime, they get their day in court. In fact, just last week she sent a letter to a constituent, saying how confident she was that three Navy SEALs accused of punching a terrorist would get justice:


Considering the substance of the charges, McCarthy’s constituents might be disappointed that she offers no defense of the SEALs in this case. The three were charged with punching (and/or allowing to be punched), Ahmed Hashim Abed – who masterminded the murder of four American contractors in Fallujah, and the hanging of their bodies from a bridge in the city. He is also alleged to have been behind a series of killings in Western Anbar. In light of the charges against Abed, and the fact that the alleged mistreatment was so minor, Ms. McCarthy might have defended the SEALs – as did dozens of her House colleagues.

Or, if she could not bring herself to defend them, she might at least pay attention to their cases. After all, she says that ‘not a day passes’ that she doesn’t think of their bravery; you’d think someone who pays so much attention would know all three have been cleared of wrongdoing – the last of the three more than a month ago. Instead, she’s sending constituents a letter that was obviously written months ago – before Huertas was cleared, before Keefe was cleared, and before McCabe was cleared. One wonders if McCarthy even reads the paper; it’s not as if the case hasn’t received tons of attention. One has to be willfully disinterested (or hostile) to the interests of our men and women in uniform not to be aware that things have changed.


You can bet that either Frank Scaturro or Frank Becker will pay more attention. Why don’t you go check them out – especially if you have the misfortune to live in the 4th District of New York.


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