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Welcome to The Vine, where every week I strive to bring you updates from around the pro-life community to help you keep up with the ever constant battle to save lives. If you aren’t plugged-in, it is my sincere hope that The Vine will allow you to get familiar with those on the front lines and find your place among them.


If there is any issue the pro-life community must contend with alongside the fight for life, it is the constant efforts of pro-aborts to censor the truth about abortion and all issues abortion-related. While the SBA List has been fighting in the U.S. Supreme Court for their right to inform voters on the pro-abortion voting records of candidates, Google recently stepped up the game by banning ads from Crisis Pregnancy Centers. At RedState, lifeofgrace summed up the shocking move by Google perfectly.

Google, in its objectivity and fairness, hired NARAL Pro-Choice America to justify their action.  That has to be the most biased, laughable (except that it’s sad and pathetic) and ridiculous business case I have ever read.

Even more insane is the absolute fact that abortion providers have long been using deceptive advertising on Google with no pushback whatsoever. As the President of The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Tom Glessner, pointed out, anyone who has searched Google for “Abortion Alternatives” has seen the paid advertisements by the abortion industry plastered across the top of the results.

*UPDATE: Pro-life leader Jill Stanek has researched the claim that NARAL convinced Google to pull advertisements from Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and has found that, once again, NARAL lied. Stanek confirmed with all major CPCs that no ads have been removed! Many thanks to Stanek for following up on this story!

Of course, if you’ve done your homework at all on the issue of abortion, it’s easy to see why abortion providers would pay to hide the truth about their “services.” In another unsurprising story that furthers the case for why Planned Parenthood should be shut down, Life News reports that former Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy has been accused of sexually molesting his patients. As was the case with Gosnell, in their reporting of Hardy, The Boston Globe continued the media cover-up by excluding the fact that  he worked for Planned Parenthood.


One would hope the media will start to feel the heat when they realize that the Gosnell Movie is not far from being made. With eight days to go, the campaign for the movie is only 11% away from their record-breaking goal and I expect the final push will easily push them across the finish line.

Abortionists know, however, that they need more than the media on their side to continue their life-ending practices, which is why they support Democrat candidates. In at least one case, discovered by Right to Life of Michigan, a Democrat found support inside an actual abortion clinic. While President Obama was busy accusing Michigan GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land of a war on women, the Michigan Democratic Party was using late-term abortion clinic owner Renee Chelian to back their candidate, Congressman Gary Peters. Chelian is featured in a video by the Democrats claiming that Congressman Peters will protect the future of Michigan women’s daughters, which she says while standing in front of an exam room clearly showing an exam table her employees use to kill the daughters of Michigan women.

While Democrats try to persuade the public that the issue of abortion is only a women’s issue, the story that broke recently about Boxer Floyd Mayweather sadly highlights the effect abortion has on men.  As Kevin Burke explained at Priest’s For Life, Mayweather’s relationship with his fiancé ended when he found out she had aborted their twin babies without telling him. As is so often the case, Mayweather wasn’t given a choice by the “prochoice” community because he’s the father.


So do Christians have a choice when it comes to protecting the sanctity of life? In a great post featured on Live Action News, Danny Burton tells the tale of what happens when Christians choose to avoid the issue of life. The Unfortunate Tale of Saint Neutral details the role can Christians play in the injustice of abortion.

Not standing on the sidelines of late is the GOP. Following their conquering of Google, NARAL attempted to tell the GOP how they should run their party. Dustin Siggins at Life Site News reported on NARAL President Ilyse Hogue’s recent MSNBC column, in which she falsely claimed that the majority of Americans support unrestricted access to abortion. She followed up that lie by claiming that if the GOP would just stop protecting unborn babies, they could win elections. How nice of her. Fortunately, the GOP was having none of it. Republican National Committee spokesman Raffi Williams had some words of wisdom for Hogue on her “advice.”

standing for life is a principle, not a political calculation. NARAL telling the Republican Party we should stop protecting the life of the unborn is like Donald Sterling offering advice to the NAACP.

A personal highlight of my last CPAC experience was meeting with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who reaffirmed the GOP’s dedication to the issue of life. I’ve watched since then and found the GOP has consistently followed up on his word. This week’s Branch for Life goes to the GOP. While there is still work to be done between the GOP and the grassroots, their renewed commitment to the issue of life has not gone unnoticed and they should be given credit for standing firm in the principles we share.


Until next week, I pray blessings for you and for all committed to life in The Vine. Please feel free to email or tweet me with any stories you’d like to see covered or any organizations/people you’d like to see as the Branch For Life!


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