Hope Of A Tree



“For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.”  Job 14:7-9

Today marks twelve years since the attacks that truly changed our country.  As we have in years past, Americans will slow down to remember September 11, 2001; and to that we have added September 11, 2012, on which four more Americans were killed in Benghazi.  It is, for most Americans, a solemn day filled with ceremonies of remembrance and memories that bring up pain we cannot help but feel anew each year.  As a country we suffered greatly, beyond words, and we have suffered since.


Yet today I am hoping, praying, that Americans will feel hope.  For no other day of the year do we truly exhibit to the world what makes America so special.  It was instant that we bonded together on that fateful day.  Whatever our differences, they were tossed aside and we rose to the challenge of overcoming that which threatened who we were.  And every year since, Americans on this day lay aside the divisions we suffer daily.  We unite in our pain and understanding of each other and we are simply Americans.  We continue to prove to the world that, beneath our struggles as a country, the melting pot lives on.

I wish Americans behaved everyday like we do today.  While I know that might be wishful thinking, I am encouraged to believe that we can because every year we take this day to never forget.  Today proves we have the capacity as a people to unify and, personally, it gives me hope of a tree.




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