Jesus Vs. Muhammad: Steven Crowder Goes There (Again)

Four years ago, comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder issued his first Qur’an Challenge video wherein he explored who Muhammad was and if the Muslim religion really was the “religion of peace.”   He asked viewers to let him know if he was misinterpreting the Qur’an and/or if anything had changed in the religion since the book was first written.  The video was a hit and somehow he managed to live, probably due to only portraying the image of “not Muhammad” as opposed to actually portraying Muhammad which appears to be punishable by death in the Muslim religion; as is being Jewish or Christian, but I digress.


To continue his quest for the truth regarding the Muslim religion (or maybe because he has a death wish), Crowder has once again created a video on the subject.  In this edition, aptly named The Qur’an Challenge II, Crowder compares Muhammad to Jesus.  He takes on subjects such as treatment of women, loving your enemy vs. killing them, mercy vs. punishment and more.  This time around Crowder has included the actual Qur’an references so, lest you think he is making anything up, you can explore the passages yourself.


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