Democrats Fight Against Lies Told To Women

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According to The Hill, there is new legislation coming down the pipe that aims to protect women from being lied to about their health care.

Democrats in the House and Senate are looking to stop what they say are deceptive advertising practices by anti-abortion health clinics that imply they offer abortion services, but instead encourage birth and promote adoption.

The legislation is aimed at crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are clinics often set up by a church or other anti-abortion groups. Democrats in Congress and other pro-abortion groups say these clinics are known to indicate they can perform abortions in order to attract pregnant women patients, and then try to convince them to carry their babies to term.


Promoting birth and adoption? Oh the horror! We wouldn’t want women to know they have choices beyond abortion! The Hill goes on to quote courageous bill sponsor, Representative Carolyn Maloney:

“Women shouldn’t be deliberately misled or coerced when they seek legitimate medical services,” she said when she introduced the bill last week. “While I will defend crisis centers’ First Amendment rights even though I disagree with their view of abortion, those that practice bait-and-switch should be held accountable so that pregnant women are not deceived at an extremely vulnerable time in their lives.”

Senator Robert Menendez, who introduced the companion bill in the Senate, also took a stand against the evil pro-lifers:

No one should ever be subjected to misleading information when they are seeking health care, especially during pregnancy,” Menendez said. “We have worked too hard to expand the availability of women’s health care services to have any confusion created by those who would deliberately deceive a woman to suit their own purposes.


WOW! One would think Maloney and Menendez have been living under rocks the last few months while the rest of the country was horrified by the details of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial.

Even putting the Gosnell case aside, although in its wake other cases are coming to light, Planned Parenthood is notorious for their deceptive practices.  Have you ever received a mammogram at Planned Parenthood?  No? Well you wouldn’t be alone.  Despite their love affair with Susan G. Komen under the guise of breast cancer screenings, Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammograms.  And what of pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood seeking information on their “choices?” According to former Planned Parenthood employee turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, women who turn to Planned Parenthood are only offered one choice; in fact 98% of their services to pregnant women are abortion.  If facts from an insider don’t suffice, Live Action has countless videos detailing the lies told by Planned Parenthood employees to expecting mothers.  Planned Parenthood?  Even their name is deliberately misleading!


Going after crisis pregnancy centers is a new low, but of course we should have seen it coming.  In our abortion-minded culture, merely stating you are pro-life is offensive to many Democrats.  Imagine if you are actually trying to save the lives of the unborn?


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