VIDEO: Thomas Ricks Rolls Fox News

Thomas Ricks, author of The Generals, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the Benghazi terror attack and ostensibly to shed light on his book that has been slipping in sales. Jon Scott, the host, began by asking Ricks’ opinion on the controversial pick by President Obama of Susan Rice to serve as the new Secretary of State. Ricks, however, had his own agenda and answered by stating that Fox News has “hyped” the Benghazi attack and that the news channel is “operating as a wing of the Republican party.” In his opinion, 4 dead Americans is really not as big a deal as the many security contractors who died in Iraq; because the number 4 is smaller so those Americans aren’t as important and don’t deserve as much coverage as they’ve received.



Ricks is currently a Senior Fellow at The Center for a New American Security, which was founded by former Clinton administration officials and for which Susan Rice previously served on the Board of Advisors. Previously he has written for The New York Times and The Washington Post. Perhaps to make the case he isn’t biased, Ricks made a point of telling The Washington Post that he had told MSNBC, “You’re just like Fox, only not as good at it.”  Unfortunately for Ricks, the author of the article in which he was featured clearly demonstrated his former employers’ bias by stating that Ricks had spoken “liberal truth to conservative power.”  As usual, the irony is lost on those to the left.

As for Ricks future endeavors, it is highly doubtful he’ll be receiving more invites to discuss his books considering his rude behavior when given the opportunity.  Fortunately for him, the Obama administration is good about repaying favors and is always on the lookout for new czars.



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