Schumer Is Proving the Democrats Learned Nothing About Attacking Trump

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I think the Democrats want Trump to win. It's the only conclusion I can come to after watching the left demonstrate the true definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. 

As Bonchie wrote on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that he'd be seeking a way to make remove the protections Trump had while in office. As Bonchie noted, there's so little chance of this succeeding that it's a wonder Schumer is even trying: 

I have no idea what constitutional power Schumer believes he has that would allow such a gambit to even begin to pass muster. Separation of powers exists, and the legislature has never been able to dictate what qualifies as an official act of the presidency. If it could, then there would be no actual official acts because any hostile Congress could arbitrarily decide on a whim to reverse any such qualification. 


Besides, the Republican-led House would never go along with any legislation reclassifying Trump's actions so the gambit is dead in the water anyway. It's nothing but a talking point to try to keep January 6th in the news. It will likely fail given the majority of the American public has made it clear they simply no longer care. They want real solutions to real problems, not endless pursuits of political opponents based on events that happened four years ago. Never mind that there has still never been any evidence that Trump had any involvement in January 6th. 

I agree that this is a way to artificially extend the life of the January 6 narrative, which is currently in a vegetative state and being kept alive through the dark art of media necromancy. I would also add that this probably satiates the cries and wails of leftist voters screaming "do something" as November creeps ever closer. This is about Schumer making Schumer look like he's worth a damn, not keeping Trump out of the White House. 

Schumer knows this little attempt to stop Trump is like trying to hit a quarter 1,000 yards away using iron sights on a windy day. It's not happening. 

But most importantly, this move tells us one of two things. 

Either they know Trump has all but won the 2024 election...or Democrats haven't learned a thing about attacking Trump. 

In the first scenario, they know it's all over, and so they're just making moves to cover their own hides. Being able to go back to their voters and say they fought the good fight to the bitter end. They never surrendered! We'll get 'em next election! Mark my words! Please don't kick me out of office! 

But then there's the other scenario, which I think is probably more likely, at least when it comes to a large portion of the Democrat Party. They haven't quite figured out that it was them, the Democrats, who are ushering Trump into the winner's circle. Every attack, every lawsuit, every astounding piece of political acrobatics they ever pulled off only made Trump more popular.  

I can't help but think that if they had just stopped talking about Trump back in 2020 after Biden hobbled into the White House, he wouldn't be on the verge of his second term, but they had some sort of deep-seated hatred of the man that stopped them from moving on. They hyper-fixated on him. They couldn't quit him. 

The Donald Trump problem is the Democrat Party's creation. 

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So by all means, Schumer. Keep doing what you're doing. 



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