What Trump Should Do Now...Is Nothing

AP Photo/Jeff Dean

Donald Trump has absolutely devastated the Democrat Party. 

No, wait...that's not entirely correct. 

The Democrat Party has absolutely devastated the Democrat Party in its attempts to get Donald Trump. As I wrote on Thursday, the Democrat Party's obsession with Trump forced it to hyper-fixate on the man to the point where its platform could be summarized as being the "party of not-Trump." It spent millions of dollars (mostly yours) to wage endless lawfare against him and crafted policies specifically because it would either undo Trump's previous work or upset his followers. 

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Then the debate happened, and it resulted in such a momentum shift that the Democrats are still trying to pick themselves up from it. Trump walked away looking like the only person in the room with a clue, while Joe Biden — and the Democrats, in general — looked like absolute fools, so filled to the brim with incompetency that trusting them with a lemonade stand in a quiet neighborhood looked far beyond their capability. 

The Democrats are bleeding out in terms of financial support and voters, and all Trump had to do was little to nothing to accomplish it. 

Sure, he showed up to the debate. Sure, he performed well. But before that, the Democrats were doing all of Trump's campaigning for him. The New York trial, while awful to endure at the time, ended up being one of the greatest gifts for Trump ever. The moment that guilty verdict came in and the Democrats started calling him a "convicted felon," Trump became more popular than ever. The millions of dollars that came rolling into his campaign coffers were proof. 

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But now, Trump is challenging Biden to another debate. As my friend Ward Clark wrote on Friday, Trump wants Biden in the ring for a second round, but this time, no moderators, no rules, no safeties. A fight to the (political) death. 

Naturally, Biden's campaign won't accept his challenge. Even if Biden was cogent and cognitively sharp, a Democrat stands to gain nothing from having a debate where some aspect of it can't be controlled. I'm sure Democrats watched the Gavin Newsom/Ron DeSantis debate and learned a valuable lesson there. 

No, what Trump should do at this point is, as I implied in the title, nothing. 

From where I'm sitting, the Democrats are flopping around in a panic like a freshly caught fish on a boat. The amount of infighting happening is so intense that it's spilling over into the media, which can't seem to get a narrative straight. They look horrible right now, and all Trump has to do is take Napoleon's advice. 

"Never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake." 

Here's what Trump should do. Sit back, play golf, spend time with family, and enjoy some semblance of peace because he's about to be elected president, and he's going to be really, really busy during this second term. When and if anything big comes up, such as Biden being replaced, then he can act. Until that time, focus on choosing a VP and what color the drapes are going to be in the Oval Office. 

Most of whatever comes up can easily be handled by the people, who have done an excellent job of collapsing the left's narratives left and right. Trump has hardly had to lift a finger, and sometimes his not acting is the best. It looks a lot better when the people rise up to slap down the left anyway. It further reinforces the idea among the populace that he's one of us. In an election where the Democrats are looking like out-of-touch elitists, this look is worth its weight in gold.

Look at it like a blowout football game. When your team is so far ahead that there's no chance of the other team catching up, you take your star QB out. You don't risk him injuring himself after one unfortunate move or play that goes badly.  

So Trump should kick his feet up and ride the momentum he has into the White House. Unless something incredibly drastic happens, I'm not entirely sure how the Democrats can recover from this wreck they found themselves in. Anything is possible, and there are still some months to go, but as it stands...the Democrats are cooked.


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