POTUS Account Folds Like a Cheap Suit on Pride Month Banner After Libs of TikTok Shames It Into Oblivion

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The power of free speech remains undefeated, as the recent dust-up between conservative firebrand account "Libs of TikTok" and the official POTUS account on X shows that even the powerful can be made to kneel with pressured by the people. 


On July 4, the Libs of TikTok account noted that the POTUS account, the X account representing President Joe Biden, still had its "Happy Pride Month" photo as its banner. Libs of TikTok, an account with over three million followers, put the POTUS account on blast, noting that the account is still celebrating Pride during the nation's birthday. 

It's not a good look. The leader of the nation, of all people, should at least look like he cares about celebrating it on the day that it declared its independence from England and began its resistance to tyranny. 

I guess resistance to tyranny isn't something the Democrat Party thinks is worth celebrating, but I digress. 

As the word got out, the people began dogpiling on the POTUS account. While the account did post a "Happy Fourth of July" graphic at 7 am, the fact that the banner was not changed from Pride only gave off the feeling that the real loyalty was to the agenda, not the nation. The July 4 post was used as a way for people to shame the POTUS account instead. 


Two hours later, the POTUS account finally changed the banner graphic to honor Independence Day. The Libs of TikTok account claimed the scalp and held it up for everyone to see. 

It's unclear if the POTUS account had plans to change the banner and just forgot to, but the more likely scenario is that the Biden administration wanted to keep the Pride banner up so as not to be compared to corporations that take down their Pride-themed logos and social media decorations to look like the administration actually cares. 

This resulted in a major backfire, as the account only reinforced to many people that it doesn't actually care about the nation that the Biden administration governs, or the people in it. 

This seems to be a common theme for the Biden administration, which tends to lean more toward radical leftism than American traditionalism and pride in the nation. This is one of the biggest weights hanging on the administration's neck as it continues to let illegal immigrants stream in across a porous border and invade our streets all while hiking up inflation and forcing Americans to pay more money than they should for anything thanks to a failing economy. 


While it may seem like a small thing to many, it's things like failing to change a Pride banner to celebrate a major national holiday that truly show you wear the administration's head is at. 

As you can see, it's not on this nation. It's not with you. This administration is continuously showing you that it's not on your side, or this country's side. It's allegiance is to an agenda, and it's an agenda that runs contrary to the well-being of America and its people. 



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