The LGBT Activist's Most Effective Weapon Against the Public

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"Goodness is, so to speak, itself: badness is only spoiled goodness. And there must be something good first before it can be spoiled." - C.S. Lewis

The LGBT activist community has many weapons at its disposal, but of all the weapons it wields against you, the most effective is actually a Christian principle, corrupted and repurposed so that it serves the needs of those who wish to force their ideology and lifestyle on you and your family. 

That idea is compassion, a Christian principle, and one that Jesus Christ taught his followers. Compassion teaches us that we must care for those who are vulnerable, and that when everyone is turning their nose up at something, you must be the one to reach your hand out in kindness and care. 

To be sure, compassion is a great thing, but these activists want to pervert what that compassion looks like so it better serves their purposes. An excellent example of this comes from author Helen Joyce, who penned the book "Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality." During an interview, Joyce brought up why the fight for "trans rights" will continue long after it's discovered that transgenderism isn't real because people, specifically parents, are going to fight like hell the idea of having to confront the most grievous mistake of their life. 

For parents, this would be even more intense since they ruined their child's life after selling them a bill of goods they can't deliver on. They pushed their child into an ideology that few actually believe but told them everyone would go along with, and when their mistake is realized, and the realization that they've destroyed their child's life begins to crush them, their response is to fight back. 

They bully, intimidate, and utilize whatever power they can to force others into feeding into the delusion, and will move mountains to make what they've turned their child into acceptable by society. 

The primary method by which to do that is to utilize the idea of compassion. 

You are often told that transgender people are the most bullied people in America. You're told they face down more hate and bigotry than anyone else in the nation. Likewise, you are even told by some that transgender people are being hunted in the streets and murdered in cold blood on a daily basis. They don't just tell you that; they tell trans people that, especially young people whom they convinced are "non-binary." They tell you that "acceptance" is the only path forward.

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However, none of this is actually true. The transgender community is actually one of the least murdered groups in the United States, and the only time people have a massive problem with the trans community is when they force their ideology and lifestyle on the people, especially their children. That latter point has been a bad habit of the transgender activist community for some time, yet when it's pushed back against, the first thing that they say is that those resistant are transphobic, bigots, and hateful. 

In other words, they lack compassion. 

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But for the Christian, compassion isn't enablement. Compassion would be to speak the truth, offer a way back to living the truth (note it's the truth, not their truth), and try to warn people away from falling into that lie as much as possible. This is looked at as hateful, but from a realistic perspective, the person who offers the truth with the intention of releasing someone from a lie is far more compassionate than the person who continues feeding someone the lie to save their feelings. 

I'm not saying people should be uncaring about how they deliver that truth. Truth without tact can be cruelty. However, if the people pushing lies want to continue to feed lies to the public while accusing everyone else of social sins because they won't go along with the falsehoods, then the truth is going to hurt no matter how it's delivered. 

The bottom line here is that Christians, and indeed everyone else who falls into the Christian camp on this issue, are practicing compassion...the uncorrupted kind. The kind that's necessary for people to live healthy, fulfilling lives. It doesn't always feel good. It sometimes hurts, but that's being human. It's not a joyride. 


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