Will They Replace Joe Biden?

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It's a question on the forefront of a lot of American minds. Given Joe Biden's status as a house with no one home, and the fact that all the attempts by the media to make it seem otherwise are failing miserably, will they replace him with someone a little more appealing? 

The rumors are swirling enough to the point where major publications are talking about it, with some encouraging the change and others flat-out rejecting the idea. Amidst it all, the constant reappearances of Hillary Clinton in the public eye have also got people talking that something is in the works. Nancy Pelosi has flat-out rejected the idea that there's a secret Democrat plot to replace maybe it is actually happening. 

According to an exclusive with the Hindustan Times, Pelosi spox Aaron Bennett denied any such plan exists: 

Directly addressing the question posed by the story's headline, Pelosi's Communications Director & Chief Speechwriter wrote, “Absolutely not.” “The entire notion is ludicrous,” he added.

Joe Battenfeld at the Boston Herald said that if there is a plot, the Democrats are likely waiting till after the debate to see if Biden's performance can ease tensions about his capabilities: 

The debate over a possible Biden replacement comes as the president is preparing for his June 27 debate showdown with the former Republican president – a risky gambit for Biden but one he may need to pass if he has a chance of winning reelection.

Biden could easily make a major gaffe or have a mental meltdown during the debate – which could essentially doom his election hopes. But Trump is also no spring chicken and could easily lose it during the one–on-one debate rematch. Democrats are hoping the questions provoke Trump into making a huge mistake.

If Biden can somehow get through the debate unscathed, it could ease voter concerns about his age and mental acuity.

Meanwhile, Mary Dejevsky over at the rainbow-bedecked Independent wants Biden replaced now, but seems to agree with Battenfield that the debate will ultimately decide Biden's political fate: 

The timing is thought to reflect, first, the fact that the two candidates secured their nominations so early in the primary season, but also – it is reported – an interest in the Biden camp in quelling doubts about their candidate’s fitness for another four years in power. The result, of course, could be the very opposite.

There is thus a great deal riding on this first presidential debate, and much curiosity about which Biden Americans will see: the seasoned political pugilist from the State of the Union address, or the lone figure in the crowd looking vacant and lost? The next chapter of Joe Biden’s biography could be decided here.

In the background, it appears that the Democrats definitely want Biden replaced at this point, as talk about replacement is always accompanied by the question "with whom?" As I mentioned earlier, Clinton seems to be positioning herself more and more into the public eye, forcing herself into the conversation. This causes one to wonder if she knows something we don't. 

Not that the Democrats would bite the hook she's baited. As my colleague Buzz Patterson wrote, Clinton is something of a terror among staffers, and few people actually want her back in any position of power. 

(Buzz Cut: Hillary? Oh, Hell No.)

Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post said the solution is to not replace Biden with Clinton but Kamala Harris with Clinton, but this could be risky as it would jeopardize black votes. I'm happy to inform Parker that the black vote is already pretty jeopardized and Trump is attracting more black votes to the Republican side than at any time in recent history, and according to her site's own polling no less. 

(WaPo Poll: Hidden in the Data, Biden and Harris Have Lost the Black Vote)

The only other name in the running with enough star power to energize the vote would be Gavin Newsom, but the question boils down to whether Newsom has more fame or infamy. My money is on the latter, and while Democrats replacing an obviously ailing Biden with a younger California governor might excite some of the base, I'm not sure if it would win over wayward moderates who have had enough of economy-destroying politics and have already gravitated toward Trump. Newsom's California track record doesn't exactly give anyone confidence. 

But the ultimate question is, "Should they replace Joe Biden?" 


If I was the DNC, I'd already have a plan in place. It's pretty sure they're limping to the barn while Trump's campaign is galloping freely afield. Biden does not have a snowball's chance of defeating him in a fair fight. The economy is destroyed, illegal immigration is out of control, crime has risen to intolerable levels, and the Democrats don't seem to have any answers under the current administration. Replacing Biden is the only thing that would inject some enthusiasm into the equation and reawaken some momentum. 

But if I can put on my tinfoil hat for a moment...I think they already have that plan in the works. The plan would be to replace Biden at a critical moment nearer to election time to take advantage of the excitement and buzz yet not give people enough time to find out too much about the replacement they decide to put in his place. By the time people lock in their votes, it'll be too late once they find out the truth. 

The truth will likely be that the person who replaced Biden is just as radical and ridiculous, because that's the Democrat Party now, but this replacement will likely be younger, energetic, charismatic, and full of hope-inducing buzzwords. He (or she) will be the polar opposite of Biden, with ideas for the future and nebulous promises that sound utopian. 

In other words, it'll be Obama 2.0. 

One could argue that the media is spending so much time coming up with "cheap fake" arguments to protect Biden because Biden's locked in, but keep in mind that the media is a shameless entity that will do whatever the DNC tells them to. They're defending Biden today, but if the defense starts to die down and the calls for replacement'll know. 

Either way, prepare yourself. This is going to get ridiculous. 



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