We've Forgotten What Evil Is

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Looking at various figures throughout history, you can easily come to the conclusion that this person should be eliminated so that their terror and influence on the world can no longer continue. Various figures and groups fit this description. Hitler and the Nazis, serial killers and rapists, communist dictators, and other vile people who look at humanity as disposable bugs to be ruled or squashed. 

However, at some point, what we know to be true evil became muddied and confused. Serial killers became true crime podcasts and Netflix specials, communism became a viable alternative to "evil" capitalism, and now we're on course to a solid chunk of the "pro-Palestine" population wondering if Hitler had a point. 

In Israel, they have a very solid grasp of what evil is. They experience it quite often, but they had a very fresh, overt reminder on October 7 when Hamas and a smattering of Palestinian people began committing atrocities upon the Israeli people to the applause and cheering of antisemites across the globe. For the nation of Israel, there is no "seeing the other side." Their backs are against a wall. Their enemies want genocide and are willing to go to any lengths to get it. 

The only choice Israel has is the complete and utter destruction of their enemy. The total elimination of their enemy is the only option. 

Yet, here in America, things are divided. For the most part, it's pretty well accepted that Israel is the good guy and Hamas is the evil deserving of eradication. Every fact adds up to this overarching truth, and we all commonly agree that Hamas and its control of Gaza has to end and end with the deaths of every Hamas terrorist we can find. 

But then there's the other segment that has their understanding toxified. They don't just see both sides, they truly believe Israel is the bad guy in this case and that the "Palestinians" should be spared the wrath of the evil colonialists that are the Israeli people. Hamas is barely mentioned in their talks because, as far as they're concerned, Hamas and the Palestinian people are two separate entities. 

This is largely true, however, the brutal truth is that the Palestinians in Gaza actively supported Hamas to be the governing body of Gaza, and Hamas's efforts are largely carried out with the approval of the Palestinian people. This doesn't mean that every Palestinian should be punished for Hamas's actions, but it does muddy the waters in terms of fighting Hamas. Some of these human shields in Gaza are willing ones. 

Hamas convinced some of these people to not just be human shields themselves but to offer up their children as such. This should further cement Hamas as evil in the minds of the West, but again, too many people in America are having trouble wrapping their heads around the concept of evil. 

And why not? Many of the youth have been taught by mainstream media sources, professors, teachers, influencers, and peers that "there's always two sides" and that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." They shout slogans like "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" thinking that this has a different meaning than what it does because they don't understand the evil this phrase represents. 

Americans have been so far removed from any real danger that the luxury of trying to see "both sides" has truly infected the Western mind. In an attempt to be "open-minded," some of our brains have fallen completely out, allowing for them to be wholly taken in by Hamas propaganda and allowing for the creation of a leftist propaganda campaign of their own here in America. 

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This campaign, led by prominent leftist figures here in America, often calls for things like a "ceasefire," luring in the gullible to believe this is a campaign for peace when really it's just an attempt to tie Israel's hands behind its back so that the evil it's fighting can regroup, recoup, reload, return. 

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They don't understand that evil isn't something that only existed long ago and was wholly destroyed during World War 2. They don't understand that evil isn't just a thing that you can see in old stories and movies. 

Evil is still very real. It's here. It wants to spread. It wants to kill and destroy. It wants to divide and conquer. It wants to lie to you, confuse you, and fool you into taking its side so that it can use you like a puppet to accomplish its ends only to consume you later. 

Evil cannot be reasoned with, it can only be destroyed. There is no "proportional response" when it comes to evil. Once it appears, the only response is obliteration. 

Americans need a stark reminder that evil isn't something to play around with. Understanding where it came from and the context behind its motivations is all well and good, but only with the understanding that it is evil and that this evil has to be destroyed. 

Hamas is evil. Hamas has to be destroyed. Israel has no choice in the matter and this isn't a debate. 


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