Let's Be Real About What the Ceasefire Demand for Israel Actually Is

AP Photo/Armin Durgut

There are signs all around the Western world being held up that read "Ceasefire" on them. Funny enough, all of these signs are being held up in pro-Palestinian rallies. 

The look they want to give off is that all they're asking is to give peace a chance, but they've already betrayed their true intentions with their open celebration of the slaughter of Israeli citizens by Hamas. 

The truth is that Israel gains nothing from a ceasefire and the people demanding it know that. They know the might of Israel and that it far outclasses that of Hamas, a terrorist group that has to rip up the water lines of its own people so they can create makeshift launching pads for their rockets. It's obvious to everyone that this war that Hamas started was only going to end one way should the war be allowed to continue, and that's with Hamas's complete destruction. 

The gamble seemed to come down to being able to utilize the international community to stay Israel's hand or, at the very least, tie their hands behind their backs to the point where waging a protracted war was far too complicated and expensive to do. This would allow Hamas to regroup around its recent martyrs, gin up some more propaganda to seduce more youths to its cause and continue trying to inflict as much damage on Israel as it can. 

Anyone with a basic understanding of Hamas and what its goals are knows this. They know that there is no peace for Hamas, only the destruction of Israel and the subjugation of the world. 

So it should be more than a little concerning that members of The Squad, including Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, are continuously denouncing Israel, staying silent on the slaughter of the Israelis, yet asking for a "ceasefire." 

Thankfully, the answer from Israel has been pretty clear. Much to the dismay of The Squad, the answer from Israel to Hamas is "surrender or die." 

Like I said in my previous column about this, war for Israel isn't a choice. Contrary to popular belief, its back is against the wall. It faces an enemy that has made the destruction of Israel and everyone in it its priority. It has no choice but to wage this war, and wage it as effectively and totally as it can. 

The elimination of Hamas is the only result it can aim for. There can be no negotiations or peace because Hamas won't have one. It can feign that it wants one for the cameras and Western audiences, but this is only to give it some time and funding for more attacks. 

Hamas has to be destroyed. 

So no. There can be no ceasefire, and you should be absolutely suspect of anyone who calls for one because they're either soaked in ignorance and naïveté or they have a far more sinister intention for Israel. 

Rest assured, some of the elected representatives in our own government absolutely do have the worst of intentions. Their intention isn't to save lives, it's to allow terrorists to take more of them, and they paint it as just wanting peace. 

These are liars and frauds. Evil cannot be negotiated with. It can only be eradicated. This will mean a lot of tragedy and death, but we're only allowing for a whole lot more of it by seeing evil, acknowledging evil, and then shrugging at it. 

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