Leftist Media Shocked Black People Are Rejecting Biden but They Shouldn't Be

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The left is rightfully panicking over 2024. It's not looking good and every new report that comes out only makes the upcoming election worse. 

Especially when the groups that are typically loyal to Democrats are indicating that they, like many Americans, have about had it with the irresponsibility and ridiculous behavior of the Democrats. 

This includes groups like the black community. Reports are now coming out that show there's been something of a souring against Joe Biden and his administration, and despite a solid bit of the Biden campaign's advertising budget going toward shoring up his support from black Americans, it would appear that it's not having the desired effect. 

Case in point, CNN went to one such black community and began asking around. What they found was that they were less than enthusiastic to the point where even the political activists in the area weren't sure if they were going to vote for Biden...or Donald Trump. 

If it was another GOP candidate being offered up, then this might not be as alarming for Democrats, but this is Trump. This is the guy they've spent billions of dollars and countless hours trying to morph into a modern-day supervillain. 

Watch this CNN report for yourself. 

The thing that stands out the most for me about this report isn't that black people are wavering on their support for Biden. That's easily understandable. 

Black Americans are finding this economy tough to navigate, watching opportunities dry up, and finding it hard to put food on their tables or keep a roof over their head just like the rest of America is. Suffering under the oppression of a Democrat's thumb is going to have the same effect on a solid chunk of them in the same way it does everyone else. Democrats should never think that just because someone is black, they'll ignore the hardship and pull the lever for more hardship. 

But what's fascinating is the reaction from CNN's leftist anchors. 

John King's reaction was odd, saying that the black people not being enthusiastic about the Democrats was "stunning." 

Phil Mattingly said that his "jaw dropped," when one of them said he wasn't sure if he wanted to vote for Biden. 


This is one of those moments where the left truly exposes their soft bigotry brought on by low expectations. 

What have the Democrats truly done to improve the lives of black citizens? I can't think of a one. But not doing anything to make the lives of black Americans better has never really been something they strived for. Effective pandering is. 

To be truthful, the black community has voted Democrat by a vast majority for a very, very long time. This has given the Democrats the idea that black Americans belong in their party, and I don't use "belong" in a welcoming way. I mean "belong" in the same way a man looks at the lamp in his living room. It belongs there because it's most useful there...and it's his. 

Joe Biden let that one slip with his famous "If you're having a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black" line.

The left, and the Democrat Party by extension, is flabbergasted when a black person says they're not feeling loyal to the Party. They can literally do nothing to help, or even fuel movements that have a negative effect, and the Democrat Party and its media will be utterly confused when black people turn their back on them. 

People are people regardless of their skin color, and while the Democrats have enjoyed the loyalty of specific communities for a long time, the day will come when virtue signaling and pandering won't work anymore -- and people will have had enough. 



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