The Democrats Are Pulling a Disney With These Fights Against 'Book Bans"

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Of all the fights happening between Democrats and Republicans, the most bizarre has to be the banning of pornographic books from school libraries. These books contain graphic depictions and illustrations of homosexual acts and close-up drawings of genitalia, as well as what amounts to promoting gender fluidity and sexual exploration. 

Republicans typically want this kind of material out of schools for obvious reasons. Not only is showing pornography and normalizing fringe sexual concepts to children wrong, but there's also no educational value to it. 

But Democrats want to keep these books in place because...well, asking them won't get you any answers. Broaching the subject about what content is being banned suddenly makes them cagey. If you try to read them excerpts from the books they're trying to keep in libraries or show them pictures from these books, they'll accuse you of trying to parade pornographic material in a public place.

If you point out that if it's inappropriate for the setting you're currently in, it must be for a school, they'll try to silence you. 

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It's a purposeful cognitive disconnect that, frankly, is one of the most confusing I've ever witnessed. 

Namely, this isn't a good look for Democrats, and they know it. Every new clip that comes out of a school board meeting where a leftist board is shouted down and embarrassed by angry parents makes defending these books all the more politically risky. Attempting to pass the idea that "Republicans are just like Nazis because they're banning books" only makes Democrats look like total fools because parents are finding out what books they're trying to ban, and they can't help but agree. 

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Democrats aren't exactly known for pushing into dangerous political territory too far, at least not without the full backing of the media and a number of influential activist groups. Rest assured, it's not getting the sufficient amount of support from either, so their continued push to put these porn-filled books in children's libraries is really strange. 

I can only see two reasons why. One, it's a lame attempt to fool people into thinking Republicans are trying to ban books just like the Nazis. This requires the hope that the people they tell this to never ask "Which books?" which is a huge gamble because people are definitely going to ask what the books are. 

The other, and more likely, is that they don't want to necessarily give up the fight and lose the support of the LGBT activist groups just before an election. This means Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to choose between not angering parents and not angering these very influential activist groups.

But if Democrats are honestly afraid, I can tell them right now that their current route isn't a good one, and all I have to do is point you to the crumbling Tragic Kingdom of Disney. 

Earlier this month, I reported how Disney was applauded by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organization for being the studio with the most LGBT content. This is a big get as GLAAD is a massive LGBT activist group with a lot of influence. 

Disney is also collapsing to the point where its stocks have plummeted, its movies and television shows aren't getting the viewership they would like, mass layoffs are taking place, Bob Iger's head is spinning, and a takeover from a third-party management firm is on the horizon.

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Disney was a goliath in American culture, and now there are a mass number of Americans who won't give the company the time of day. Why? Because Disney chose to embrace socio-political leftism over the family-friendly, apolitical products they've produced for ages, a lot of which involved LGBT messaging. 

The parents turned their back on Disney, and now Disney is dying. 

The Democrats are doing the same. The Party is turning its back on parents. 

And that's already not worked out for them once before, as well. Perhaps they need to learn that lesson again. 

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The bottom line is that appreciation and approval from LGBT activist groups won't save you from angering America's parents. 



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