The Left Is Showing Us When Banning Books Is Okay In Certain Situations

Ted S. Warren

Loyal readers will know I’m a hop, skip, and jump away from being one of those crazy libertarian types. I have very freedom-oriented tendencies that stem from my very firm desire to be left alone and the will to leave others to their own lives. What people do on their own property within their own property should be left well alone, and I think this can apply to anyone from a nosy neighbor to the way people are taxed.

But even libertarians have lines. They aren’t anarchists and do believe that a civilized society does require the necessary evil of enforced laws. There are obvious basics, such as the idea that murder, thievery, rape, and kidnapping are wrong and should be punished very harshly. They do, after all, violate the very essence of personal liberty.

However, there are smaller details that many libertarians agree are perfectly fine. For instance, a quiet neighborhood with small children and people who have to work in the morning shouldn’t be kept awake until the wee hours of the morning with booming music and loud people because the Johnson family’s high school-aged kid was left alone for the weekend and he decided to secretly throw a rager. Even libertarians can have an appreciation for a noise ordinance.

But every libertarian is different in what they think the state should and shouldn’t allow. For instance, the recent upheaval around “book banning” has become a heated topic. If you were to hear the left tell it, Republicans and conservatives want to ban books that don’t line up with their Christo-fascist worldview. They want you to picture jackbooted MAGA-hat-wearing yokels tossing Ta Nehisi Coates books into the fire.

I absolutely think they should be burned, but only because Coates’s ridiculously stupid writing is really only fit for kindling, but I digress.

The fun begins when you ask the left what kind of books Republicans and conservatives want to ban. When you do, they have a few different reactions. Some will get very cagey and vague. Some will begin moral grandstanding and virtue signaling. Others will just ignore you.

The reason they do that is that they want to do everything in their power to stop you from finding out that the books Republicans and conservatives want to ban are books that feature writings around and depictions of graphic sex, and sexuality.

When confronted directly about this, their reactions tend to become increasingly bizarre. They will accuse you, the person raising the alarm about these books, of being the person distributing pornography.

A good example is the interaction between Seth Dillon and leftists.

Here we see the libertarian’s libertarianism tested again. A moral base is necessary for a functioning society and pushing porn on kids definitely breaks a moral boundary that could result in a lot of problems down the line. While children would be free to pursue knowledge of all kinds, what these books teach isn’t useful knowledge for being a stable, functioning, and successful adult in America. This is the normalization of fringe sexual ideas. They have no business being in a school.

Children, even those approaching the age of 18, do not have the necessary experience to understand what they’re being drawn into or the motivations behind it. Unless they’ve spent some time studying the causes and effects of the left’s attempts at sexualizing children and young adults, many don’t have the personal understanding necessary to get the full effect of its destructiveness.

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It wouldn’t be any different if people were trying to push copies of “Dear, Penthouse” books or comics featuring graphic heterosexual sex. Why would they think it’s okay to push this kind of thing that features homosexual acts?

The left exposes themselves (for lack of a better term) as the worst kind of pervert when they attempt to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge the conversation about the books being banned in schools. Many of them aren’t even just random Twitter users with anonymous avatars and names. These are people who’ve run for office, have jobs in our media, or are even elected officials.

They are absolute villains, and their wailing and gnashing of teeth at banned books should be ignored. No one is banning them from being bought and sold in the markets outside of schools, but people, especially parents, have made it clear that this kind of pornographic material has no business in the hands of their impressionable children.


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