No, Mankind Isn't Destroying the Environment With Carbon Emissions

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Loyal readers will know that I give no quarter to what I call the "Church of Climate Change," a political religion so soaked in hypocrisy and lies that it's a wonder it's continued to be one of the most powerful forces governing the first world. 

The "faith" has people obeying ridiculous regulations and going the extra mile to "save the planet" oftentimes to the detriment of themselves and everyone else. 

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But despite the ever-changing story and the consistently disproven lies, the Church has everyone from the useless hippie to the corporate CEO bending the knee at its altar. This includes every major corporation in America. As I reported, Apple recently demonstrated this with its new ad bragging about its carbon neutrality to Mother Nature herself. The ad is full of falsehoods and fantasies, but Apple knows most people don't know that so it lies through its teeth in good conscience. 

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The core of the climate change lie is that mankind is sinful in its environmental ways and thus must repent by giving up its agency so the government can control everything and stop the planet from being destroyed. No matter what the problem is, the solution given to us by climate zealots is always the same. Give the government more power. Power of you corporations, power over construction codes, power over manufacturing, and power over you. 

For those who haven't figured it out yet, it's socialism. They just want you to adopt socialism, the gateway drug to communism. 

But does mankind actually have that big of an impact on the overall climate of the planet? 

If you're reading this, you probably already know the answer, and not because you've been reading up on any scientific studies, but because all your life you've been going outside and weather patterns have rarely changed over the decades. All the claims of "we're going to suffer irreparable damage to our planet in X amount of years" have never come true either. 

The answer is simply "no." Mankind's impact on the climate is pretty negligible. 

But just to make sure we covered our scientific bases, we can refer to actual scientists who published an article in Western Journal, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition Tom Harris, and the Senior Policy Advisor of the International Climate Science Coalition and Senior Science Analyst at CFACT, the late Jay Lehr.

In this article, Harris and Lehr explain that climate activists make a huge fuss over carbon emissions and how they're destroying the planet. These activists make fossil fuels out to be pure poison and our usage of them has brought the environment to its knees. 

According to Harris and Lehr, this is all nonsense as both history and the current data don't bear this out. For instance, the idea that we're just swimming in hazardous amounts of carbon is laughable: 

Relative to Earth’s entire record, carbon-dioxide levels are at historically low levels; they only appear high when compared to the dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide that occurred in Earth’s very recent history. The geologic record reveals carbon dioxide has almost always been in Earths’ atmosphere in much greater concentrations than it is today. For example, 600 million years ago, when history’s greatest birth of new animal species occurred, atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentrations exceeded 6,500 parts per million (ppm) — an amount that’s 17 times greater than it is today.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is currently only 410 parts per million. That means only 0.04 percent of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide (compared to 0.03 percent one century ago). Only one molecule in 2,500 is carbon dioxide. Such levels certainly do not pose a health risk, as carbon-dioxide levels in our naval submarines, which stay submerged for months at a time, contain an average carbon-dioxide concentration of 5,000 ppm.

As the duo explained, the geologic record blows the "climate crisis" narrative out of the water as it proves there is no real connection between Earth's climate and carbon dioxide levels. History shows that in Earth's history, carbon levels were much greater than today and yet, had similar temperatures to the ones we experience now. 

They add that the activists are even more ridiculous when you consider how much carbon gets thrust into the air by living creatures all over the planet, including humans and fungus: 

The absurdity of climate alarmism claims gets even stranger when you consider there are 7.5 billion people on our planet who, together, exhale 2.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, which is almost 10 percent of total fossil-fuel emissions every year. However, we are but a single species. Combined, people and all domesticated animals contribute 10 billion tons.

Further, 9 percent of carbon-dioxide emissions from all living things arise not from animals, but from anaerobic bacteria and fungi. These organisms metabolize dead plant and animal matter in soil via decay processes that recycle carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. The grand total produced by all living things is estimated to be 440 billion tons per year, or 13 times the amount of carbon dioxide currently being produced by fossil-fuel emissions. Fossil-fuel emissions are less than 10 percent of biological emissions. 

Just in case it slipped by you in that second paragraph, what the duo explained here is that nature is very good at creating a process by which it actually creates as much carbon as it can. As we know, carbon dioxide is used by nature for a variety of things, including trapping the sun's warmth in our planet. 

It's here the activist will say, "Aha! So you admit that carbon is heating up the planet!" 

To which the response is, "No, dinkus, because nature has a way of correcting any imbalance that may occur by  — and this is going to blow your mind — creating more plants to soak up the carbon." 

In fact, as NASA admitted a few years ago, our planet is actually undergoing something called "global greening," with plant life arising in areas where its growth is stymied. 

The bottom line is that nature handles carbon dioxide and handles it well. In fact, it creates more of it than we could ever hope to, and it uses it to heal itself. The idea that mankind is destroying the planet by driving their Chevy to the levy every day is absolute nonsense. 



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