Rachel Zegler Appears to Blame Men for 'Snow White' Backlash She Caused

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Rachel Zegler, the actress playing Snow White (for some reason) in the upcoming Disney live adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves started doing what every radical feminist does once they've dug themselves into a hole; blaming men. 


According to Bounding Into Comics, which first took note of Zegler's lashing out at the male of our species, the actress reposted two videos on X from a Lady Gaga fan account featuring the musician and actress expressing her frustration and anger with men. 

The first was a scene from A Star Is Born where Gaga's character walks into a bathroom and screams, followed by her shouting "F***ing men!" 

The second is a scene from Gaga's documentary where she states "I just feel like my threshold for, like, bulls**t with men is just...I don't have one anymore." 

To frame men as the sole cause of her upcoming movie's unpopularity is solid proof of her lack of self-awareness. Zegler's entire promotional strategy has been to make this version of Snow White seem like a complete rewrite of the classic tale that put Disney on the map as a cultural force to be reckoned with.

 She's badmouthed the old movie as outdated and confessed to not even liking the film. She then bragged that they've made Snow White into more of a self-sufficient ruler who doesn't need a man. In fact, she joked that they might even take the prince out of the movie completely, calling the prince a stalker and labeling his actions toward Snow White as "weird."


Zegler's insufferable attitude has only added to the problem. It was recalled that she had been one of the actresses leading the charge in the cancelation of Gina Carano, even going so far as to suggest that she replace Carano in The Mandalorian. Previous videos that have surfaced of her also display her self-absorption and victim mentality. 

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Experts are now saying that Zegler's comments about the movie are likely to affect ticket prices for the worse. According to the Daily Mail, PR expert Nick Ede suggested that Zegler be removed from the film's promotional tour, saying she "isn't the best person to promote the film.":

'Rachel is a big-named star playing one of the world's most famous fairytale characters immortalized by Disney, but instead of taking the lead of The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey and embracing her role, Rachel has actively chosen to spoil the narrative and express the new direction she has taken Snow White in,' Nick claimed.

'This is by no means a wrong move and Snow White, and other stories, if they were written today would have very different nuances and narratives but the fact that she's actively being negative about the source material and laughing off the old Disney film and the fairytale makes her look too eager to show off the new version and shows little or no respect for the previous version and other iterations.

'I am sure Disney executives must be having crisis talks and thinking perhaps their new Snow White isn't the best person to promote the film and ensure it is a box office success,' Nick predicted.


Zegler's comments haven't just angered men, but Disney fans of all kinds. The importance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Disney can't be overstated, and for Zegler to denounce it on multiple occasions while promoting the woke remake is only going to sour attitudes toward it. 

It's certainly not going to help her case that she's blaming men, the very group she's been attacking from the beginning as unnecessary and irrelevant to the point of half-joking that their representative could be written out of the movie entirely. 

Disney has a lot of PR patching to do, but at this point, it's unlikely that anything will save this soulless remake. It was likely that Zegler got her talking points from Disney itself as Disney has become a bastion of woke ideology and modern feminist propaganda. 

Zegler's comments are just a symptom of a much greater Disney disease. 

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