The Soft Bigotry of Democrat Expectations

The left has always claimed it was the greatest protector and respecter of minority communities, but it always had a funny way of showing that respect. It reminds me of how a little girl treats her dolls and stuffed animals. She speaks for them, babies them, and only pulls them out to play when it’s convenient for her. She arranges them just how she wants them and makes them play her games with her.

If Democrats were being honest with minority communities, whenever a member of one of these communities would speak up about the infantilizing treatment they receive at the hands of these false caretakers, they’d get the speech Woody gives Buzz in Toy Story.

“You are a toy!”

There was a study out of Yale that was released in 2018 that revealed that leftists tend to dumb down their speech when speaking to black people. It was one of those “yeah, that figures” moments as it fits right in line with what people had noticed about the left and its attention toward minority communities for ages. They see them as fragile children who need to be given the day off of work for a court verdict that had nothing to do with black people. Biden, who gave himself the ability to give and take blackness away from people based on their voting habits, declared that minorities don’t know how to get online.

But nothing has ever revealed just how little the left thinks about minorities than the existence of affirmative action programs. On the surface, Democrats will say that things like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs that institute affirmative action methods, are necessary because internalized and unrecognized bigotry in America stops the hiring of minorities and women, even if they’re the best pick for the job. It’s the left’s way of painting America with the left’s version of original sin and having people self-flagellate over it.

But as RedState reported recently, the Supreme Court declared that the whippings must stop, at least in universities funded by taxpayer dollars. Race-based college admissions have been ruled as violations of the equal protection clause. It’s definitely a victory for racial equality…but not according to the left. They’ve gone a bit apoplectic over it. Even the NYT threw a “journalist’s” temper tantrum in a tweet over the ruling.

But the reaction reveals a massive lack of self-awareness by the left. If you even scratch the surface of affirmative action principles even a little what you’ll find is deep-seated racism. It is, as is popularly said, the soft bigotry of low expectations.

It’s the idea that the black and Hispanic communities are wholly incapable of doing anything without the help of Democrats. It’s a false narrative meant to make these minority groups look at themselves as weaker than they actually are. It’s the left looking these people in the eye and saying “You’re not good enough without me.” It’s the threat that if minority groups don’t vote for Democrats then they won’t be able to stop those evil white and Asian people from trampling all over people.

Take this tweet from Erica Marsh as a solid example. Marsh is allegedly a former Biden organizer whose tweets are so ridiculous that she’s been accused of being a bot. At best, she’s an anonymous account controlled by a radical leftist. The thought is honest even if the account isn’t.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is a direct attack on Black people. No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system which is exactly why affirmative-action based programs were needed. Today’s decision is a TRAVESTY!!!” tweeted Marsh.

The same system that the left proclaims is weighted against Black people just declared that it has every faith in them to succeed on their own merit. Marsh, and the Democrats in general, are claiming that Black people aren’t capable of this kind of merit and must be coddled and assisted into success.

If that’s not racism, then the word “racism” doesn’t have any meaning anymore.

If the United States of America’s court system has done this and the Democrats say this is a “travesty,” then the race-baiters are pointing at the wrong institution.




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