Behold the Extent of Leftist Social Conditioning in One Ridiculously Sad Video

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Back in World War 2, the Japanese army had absolutely no intention of surrendering despite the fact that they were clearly beaten. Their philosophy at the time was that they would die to the very last man, woman, or child instead of facing defeat. They took the population of Japan and turned it into a national militia that was ready to give up their lives against the invading allies. Taking this army head-on would have meant the lives of millions and millions of Japanese people lost, and more Americans dead.

So we dropped the sun on them…twice.

Like a cold splash of water on a person who refuses to wake up, or a smack across the face of a hysterical person, the Japanese emperor finally came to his senses and declared Japan’s total surrender, ending World War 2 and saving his people. Watching two atomic bombs hit the country was pretty convincing evidence that there was no winning through sheer determination and will. This wasn’t the Mongol hordes of old. This was a people far more dangerous and deadly in a way the world hadn’t seen before. These were Americans. Going to war with them was to bring forth the terrors of the Earth.

Decades later and Japan is now all about entertaining anime and video games. Their technological ingenuity is unquestionable and their society is actually pretty polite and while still pretty traditional, is far more level-headed than many other countries on the planet. Ultimately, two of their cities getting vaporized was a better outcome for them as tragic and horrible as it was.

But that was a time of strong men and those strong men created good times. But these good times created weak men thanks to the absence of any real hardship, and these weak men have spread throughout the land and have created some massive problems within a country that was once so strong that it was willing to split an atom of your head.

I wanted to highlight who we were so that you can get the full context of what too many of us have become now.

Below is a video featuring the bodycam footage of an officer helping arrest a black man who had just brandished a knife at a white man. Judging by the location they’re at, a playground, I can safely assume this white man was with his family as well. As the black man is arrested, the white man confronts the officer, saying that he didn’t want the black man arrested and taken to jail, just moved somewhere else. The officer, whom I can assume is a black woman, informs the white man that they have to take him away for making terroristic threats with a deadly weapon.

It’s at this point that the white man begins crying because — and I can’t believe I’m having to type this — the man that had just threatened he and his family with a knife will think he’s racist because he’s a black man that had the police called on him by a white man.

Now, I’m a man of unrelenting optimism…but it’s this kind of thing that truly leads me to believe that there is no stopping the coming hard times we’re going to experience.

The left had a very, very long time on the big stages, allowing them to get out message after message, programming, and reprogramming until a good deal of the people believed that the things that were bad for them were good for them and vice versa.

What you see before you are the result of decades and decades of demoralization and normalization. A grown man weeping because he thinks that the man who just threatened him with death will think ill of him. It’s a pathetic sight that should disgust anyone who sees it.

Crime happens. Bad people are going to do bad things and that’s not going to change. What bothers me is that fewer and fewer people are willing to stand up and do anything about it. As that cowardice continues, the crime problem only grows. The nightmare scenario is that a solid chunk of the population becomes like this man, scared that bad people will think negatively about him if he takes action against them before or even after they harm him or someone he cares about.

Here’s the dirty secret about human nature: Things don’t stay peaceful because people are nice to each other, they stay peaceful because people are willing to do terrible things to stop those who don’t want to be peaceful. Nicety isn’t the cause of a peaceful society, it’s the byproduct. If people are too concerned about being nice, then they expect to lose their society.



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