The Left Has Lost the Plot On Sex

At some point, a couple of society’s wires got crossed, and what was once understood as being purely natural has now become unacceptable, and what was once considered something worth executing someone for in the street has now become shrug-worthy…at least to the left.

Most people understand that you shouldn’t flash your genitalia to children. Too many members of the radical left have a problem with that. They believe that doing so is a good thing because it allows for the normalization of self-expression and the celebration of sexual freedom. They think this is healthy and that you, the prude who probably thinks America is the greatest country to ever exist and probably still worships an invisible sky daddy, are abusing your child by not allowing them to fully explore their sexuality at such a tender age.

They spend a lot of time and money trying to indoctrinate your child to your face and behind your back. They believe that they’re on some sort of crusade to liberate your children from traditionalism based on Christo-fascist white supremacy. They’re freedom fighters!

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They’re idiots.

It’s bizarre that the same people who complain that women in beer commercials wearing bikinis is unacceptable are the same people who applaud people going completely naked in front of children in public during Pride parades. For the past couple of days, “Sodom and Gomorrah” has been trending on Twitter, and clicking on it will show you videos of these Pride celebrations that include grown people riding bikes naked down the street with their genitalia wholly exposed and people dancing and bathing in a fountain completely naked in the presence of children.

My colleague Nick Arama reported on this. If you would like to see some of the more censored videos of what I’m describing then you can click on her article. Going to Twitter and searching the “Sodom and Gomorrah” trending link will give you many more examples, most of them uncensored.

The thing is, “Sodom and Gomorrah” is an incredibly apt description of what’s going on, and not simply because it’s a bunch of woke idiots dancing around nude in front of children. It’s because this is mostly being done in defiance of the natural order as ordained by God.

The radical left believes that God made a mistake when it came to sex and so it’s up to them to correct it. They see men’s attraction toward a woman’s physical form as disgusting and disrespectful. They see a woman’s attraction to strong and capable men as a self-imposed weakness. They believe that the key to correcting God’s supposed mistake is to declare that gender is malleable, and attraction to the same sex is one of the few ways to truly fight back against the natural dynamic God wired into us.

These people are doing everything short of having sex in the street in order to normalize that kind of thinking and I’m pretty sure that’s just around the corner.

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Here are a few facts that modern mainstream society needs to catch up on, or rather, accept as true.

For one, men’s and women’s sexual attraction toward one another isn’t just natural, it’s the spark that ignites the fire of society. The sexual attraction is one of the first things that happens between a man and a woman before they even speak to one another. Sexual attraction leads to communication, which leads to a relationship, which leads to marriage, which leads to children. That’s not even including all the things that are accomplished in the name of that relationship, such as the formation of a career that helps carry society forward.

Women being sexually attractive to men isn’t at all evil. While it can be utilized in evil ways or even displayed in ways that aren’t ultimately healthy for both parties, a man’s sexual attraction to a woman isn’t evil and a woman wanting to be sexually attractive to a man isn’t either. Men approaching women they’re sexually attracted to in order to get to know them and possibly ask them out on a date isn’t creepy or disturbing, it’s part of the natural order. Men are not evil for pursuing women, it’s necessary for the happiness of both parties and the propagation of our species no less.

These aren’t opinions, these are facts of nature.

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It is wholly unnatural to believe that a man is a woman and vice versa. It is unnatural to force children into a situation where they are confronted with sex and sexuality. It is unhealthy to express high acts of sexuality in public, and not just to the person being forced to view it. It is destructive to believe that the natural sexual order is somehow destructive to our nature as humans.

At the end of the day, sex serves a lot of purposes. It’s a bonding agent between a man and a woman. It’s a healthy exercise for both body and mind when engaged between two committed lovers. It’s the act that begins the creation of life.

What it isn’t is a socio-political tool used to normalize radical ideologies and spit on God’s creation. When used like that, sex becomes hollow and loses its meaning. Too many on the left have been fooled into believing sex is everything while they treat it like nothing and then wonder why they’re horribly unhappy.



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