We're Being Held Back Scientifically by People Who Claim to be Scientists

(AP Photo/John Mone)

You’ve heard it said a million times and listened to it get reinforced a million times more. Democrats declared themselves the “Party of Science” a long time ago and slap everything they support with the “scientist-approved” sticker.

What kinds of things are approved by “the science” according to Democrats? Let’s see…

A completely unrealistic definition of biological men and women, a climate change narrative that is continuously disproven, and a COVID-19 strategy that was constantly shown to be ineffective and even harmful just to name a few.

It’s that last one that truly showed just how far Democrats are willing to lie about just how scientific they actually are.

Science isn’t a concept that comes to a conclusion and stops. Very little that science discovers is written in stone as our conclusions about things change as we explore more about our universe. As technology advances and allows us to pry deeper into God’s creation, things that we thought were answers turn out to just be more crumbs on the path to a much larger understanding.

In short, the science is never settled. What’s being written in science textbooks today will be something tomorrow’s science textbooks will laugh about. This is why it’s so important to continue the search for further understanding, and in that vein, it’s the reason that we should never stop debating conclusions.

But stopping the debate is exactly what Democrats like to do.

This is the party that likes to shout that the “science is settled” and deride and denigrate anyone who dares say otherwise. They will even go so far as to censor where they can and punish when it’s an option. If they can do neither, they will dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge debate, facts, and real science and scientists.

Take, for instance, the recent cowardice exhibited by Professor Peter Hotez, a vaccine researcher who believes that anyone who denounced the COVID-19 vaccine or points out its flaws should be censored. Recently, he openly complained that Spotify has taken no action against Joe Rogan for discussing the vaccine and hosting people who point out its flaws and inefficacy. This includes Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom Rogan offered up $100,000 to Hotez’s favorite charity if he would come to debate him.

As I wrote earlier Tuesday, you can see where Democrats’ fears lie by how they dance around the subject instead of addressing it directly. Hotez fears two things. He fears debating the vaccine and he fears debating the vaccine with JFK Jr.

Instead of accepting Rogan’s proposal, Hotez danced around the offer on Twitter and then eventually threatened to leave the platform because of how challenging it is for scientists.

Here’s the thing; a real scientist should love challenges and not because it gives him or her the opportunity to win glory in defense against the ignorant or partisan, but because a scientist should welcome fresh and accurate data. A scientist can defend a theory to be sure, but once his theory is disproven a scientist should be as uninterested in it as a musician with a broken guitar string.

Hotez is guilty of partisan science and partisan science is not science.

Science does not belong to a singular party, nor should it ever. Science is a method of understanding the universe and how it works, not a tool that a political party can use as a cudgel against others. Science is a tool, not a weapon.

This is one of the main reasons I can’t take the Democrat Party or leftists in general seriously when it comes to scientific matters. Its primary concern with science is to find ways to make it seem like it’s agreeing with its narratives and agendas, not trying to uncover the greater mysteries of our universe. That kind of thinking will get us nowhere.

Theirs is a quest for arrested development in favor of more power for themselves, not a help to humanity and its betterment.



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