Xbox Replacing Its LGBT Logo Was for a Game Release, but It Still Indicates a Cultural Turn

(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

It’s June 6, so we’re still technically in the beginning stages of “Pride Month,” a month-long celebration of LGBT activism where corporations had better change their logo to LGBT versions or else.

As I’ve written in greater detail before, Pride Month is less about celebrating the LGBT community and more so the activist community celebrating itself and using it at as a litmus test for corporations to keep their ESG scores elevated.

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For a celebration that is supposedly about love, there sure is a lot of threat behind it.

Microsoft would never be caught dead not celebrating Pride Month and that includes its gaming platform, the Xbox. Just like every other corporate logo, Xbox’s Twitter avatar was slapped with a design that looks like LGBT activists puked all over it.

Yet, it’s only the beginning of Pride Month and it’s already been changed into an Xbox logo consumed with hellfire. While unintentional, the change is hilariously appropriate.

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t a statement by Microsoft. One of the most anticipated games is being released today going by the name of Diablo 4. Longtime gamers will recognize this title and the legacy behind it. As the game’s been ported to Xbox, Microsoft wanted to capitalize on the hype and change the theme of their logo to reflect the game that involves delving into hell to fight demons.

But before we brush this off, I want to bring up two points that aren’t going to please the LGBT activists.

Firstly, this proves what I and many others have been saying for some time. Corporations do not really care about Pride Month or the LGBT community. What they care about is money and their bottom line. The virtue signaling they do is just empty words meant to win your goodwill over so you’ll spend more money with them. If Microsoft was a person with a grandmother, the house that Gates built would sell that grandmother to a whore house. That’s just how corporations are.

But secondly, and probably more importantly, is that despite the fact that Xbox is celebrating Diablo 4 by changing its logo from Pride puke to hellfire, it kind of is a commentary on how much the LGBT activist community is slipping in power.

Perhaps even a year ago, doing such a thing would have resulted in the LGBT activist community going berserk. Maybe it still did, it’s just that I can’t seem to find a lot of angry people flipping out about it because most of the responses are from gamers who are (lo and behold) more interested in the game than the socio-political cause of a small group of people.

Moreover, it seems like a smart business decision given the fact that Microsoft has watched as major brands that were near the top of their respective food chains have been bleeding out after they went and embraced that aforementioned socio-political cause. Changing their logo away from the LGBT theme wasn’t just safe to do, it was advisable.

The Bud Light and Target boycotts were proof positive that a god could bleed, and bleed heavily. Microsoft, as pervasive as it is in our society, would rather not have to deal with a massive drop in sales of any kind. It is, like many corporations, a little more timid today than it was a few months ago when it comes to virtue signaling about causes it doesn’t actually believe in.

Better to just throw the Pride-themed logo up for a few days and then change it when possible.

That’s not to say Xbox won’t change their logo back to the Pride version after the Diablo 4 hype dies down and the logo served its purpose, but let’s face facts. This might not have been an advisable move even just last year.

The activists are losing their grip. This is, however, typical. Leftist activists of every variety tend to lose big whenever the people speak out against them.


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