Leftist White Women: The World's Most Dangerous Predator

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The vibrant and magnificent landscapes of the Western World are home to the most diverse subsects of homo-sapiens in the world. From the noisy inner cities to the relative quiet of the suburbs, a rich cornucopia of subcultures can be found living and working alongside one another.

There’s the sterile and busy corporate ladder climber, the easy-going but hard-working blue-collar worker. Peering into every town, you may find the nerdy but loveable geek or the driven and motivated gym rat. Down the dirt road, you can find the good-natured but highly opinionated rancher, and flying above him in the sky is the commercial pilot, carrying a litany of humanity’s variants to and fro.

However, these peaceful people who live peaceful lives do not live wholly among the peaceful. Deep within the shadows of suburbia, a predator prowls. While the wilds outside of human civilization may contain many dangers, none can hold a candle to the greatest predator of them all; the leftist white woman.

The leftist white woman is a female of the human species that, for some unexplainable reason, believes itself to be smarter, morally superior, and just all-around better than everyone else. This firm belief in their own self-importance leads them to push their positions on the rest of humanity. Driven by their own chronic unhappiness, their unyielding need for control, and their hatred for anything that stands in their way make them a dangerous part of any community.

While the leftist white woman is statistically the most common kind of white woman in the Western world, most within the leftist white female subsect are what could be referred to as “non-practicing” leftists. They claim to support whatever the mainstream culture sells them to and really don’t give too much thought to politics outside of what celebrities tell them to pay attention to. Critical thought isn’t something they regularly engage in and that’s part of what makes them so dangerous. They will blindly agree to nearly any social position after hearing a few buzzwords about it from trusted figures, and pull the lever for Democrats because that’s just what they’re supposed to do. This variation of the white leftist woman has been a huge help to Democrats, allowing them to win big elections on more than one occasion.

But the undisputed danger lurking among them is the white leftist female activist.

Heavily biased to leftist causes and self-assured of her own intellectual and moral supremacy, the white leftist female activist will turn a paradise into a living hell once it moves into an area. You may be very aware of some of the most fierce activists whose predatory natures are so infamous that they make headlines.

Randi Weingarten can arguably be considered one of the most horrific among them. Weingarten is the head of the American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teacher’s union in the nation. Weingarten radicalism has had some frightening results, including unnecessarily keeping children away from schools during the pandemic and forcing them to wear masks when they were there. Under Weingarten’s leadership, the NEA attempted to radicalize children’s curriculum, including introducing LGBT and CRT content into lessons. Weingarten claims to be an educator, but she’s all activist and the truth can be seen in how she doesn’t understand anything from science to basic history.

LA County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath has recently made the news by attempting to force LGBT extremism into every aspect of people’s lives she can. Whether it’s dancing with children in a West Hollywood Pride Parade that featured a nearly naked man being choked with a whip or strong-arming the LA Dodgers into accepting an anti-Christian hate group that heavily introduces crude sexuality into its demonstrations on their field for a “Pride Night.” Horvath barely qualifies as a politician, but she is 100 percent a radical leftist activist.

The white leftist female activist has unwavering beliefs that astound mental health professionals who aren’t activists themselves. She lives in “her truth” and will not deviate from this version of the truth, even if the facts defy her version of reality. She is the arbiter of “real.” She is Thanos with the reality stone.

Watch as these white women argue with a man about simple biology. The man states the simple fact that XY and XX chromosomes define sex and gender and that men cannot menstruate. These white women do their absolute best to tell him he’s wrong despite there being no scientific evidence to back their white leftist female activist claims.

While watching them get steamrolled by people who won’t back down is fun, these women influence quite a few people to sign on with their distorted and bizarre beliefs, especially younger white women, a group who suffers from their delusions the most.

In fact, you’ll find that the primary prey of the white leftist female activist is human children. They lurk in the shadows until a child is left unguarded such as without their parent in a school or when they’re on social media, and strike with overbearing influence, gaslighting, forced guilt, and other forms of manipulation. Many children have suffered at the hands of these predators in a variety of ways, from developing their own mental illnesses to being left physically vulnerable to sexual predators in the name of “inclusion” and “acceptance.”

To that end, part of what makes the white leftist woman so dangerous is the fact that she facilitates other kinds of predators to expand their territory and hunt in the open.

How can they do this in good conscience? The inner workings of the white leftist female activist are unknown, but a Pew Research study found that a whopping 50 percent of leftist women have some form of mental health issue.

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As RedState previously reported, leftism and mental illness seem to go hand-in-hand, but at 50 percent, the problem is more pervasive for white leftist women.

It’s a subspecies of human that is clearly dangerous, unstable, and capable of great evil.

Beware the weaponized delusions of the white leftist woman.



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