Pride Month Isn’t the Celebration of the LGBT Community They Want You to Think It Is

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Ah, “Pride Month.” The 30 days when every corporation and “ally” bedeck their online personas in rainbow-colored livery and pretends they truly care about the fact that people who have sex with people who have the same genitals as them are here and queer.

By the way it’s described by the media, you’d think “Pride Month” is a nationally celebrated time that brings America together…at least everyone but those hateful bigots.

Is it actually as popular as advertised? It honestly depends on where you live. Head to San Francisco and you can’t walk down a street without seeing a bunch of pride flags. Make your way down any middle-American town and you’re probably not going to have a lot of luck spotting any kind of pro-LGBT merch.

According to a 2022 YouGov poll, only 12 percent of Americans had planned to participate in Pride Month celebrations while 75 percent said they weren’t. Even when it came to the LGBT community, 51 percent said they were going to celebrate it while 37 percent said they weren’t. Interesting numbers, especially from the LGBT community.

Why wouldn’t more people who fall within the LGBT community want to participate in a celebration of themselves?

It’s likely because “Pride Month” isn’t really a celebration of the LGBT community when you really strip away all the pomp and circumstance. When you really break it down, members of the LGBT community aren’t necessarily a hive mind. Many gays, lesbians, and even transgender people aren’t voting for the same person and shouting the same slogans. That’s a lie the LGBT activist community wants you to believe in order to make themselves look more powerful.

In fact, if you are part of the LGBT community and you step out of line, you’ll be subjected to some of the most vile attacks from the very people who claim to be your protectors and supporters. Famously, when reporter Andy Ngo is physically attacked, you’ll see celebration from the left, not condemnation over attacking a gay minority. Blair White, a transgender commentator who leans to the right, gets death threats from transgender activists.

No one with any clout on the left has come forward to denounce these attacks and threats despite these two being of the LGBT community. This is because it’s not about being LGBT, it’s about falling in line with the activists on the left.

Right-leaning gays are accused of “self-loathing” and are spoken down to. For leftists, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that someone holds their sexuality and their politics as two separate entities.

In fact, wrote an article about this very subject because so many people were dumbfounded that anyone from the LGBT community could possibly vote Republican:

A little more than half of 54 percent of LGB Republicans said their sexual orientation was an “insignificant” part of their identity. They were also much less likely than LGB Democrats to say that their sexual identity was “a very important aspect” of themselves.

FiveThirtyEight talked to a number of self-identified LGB (no T or Q) Republicans, who bore those findings out.

“My sexual orientation being gay is just a tiny part of me and doesn’t really affect where I stand politically,” one told the site. “I think the Democratic Party tends to pander too much to various groups, and I think we should look at people more as individuals than as part of a group.”

This came through in the 2020 election when nearly 45 percent of gay men voted for Trump according to Newsweek.

As we can see, the hypocrisy and ignorance from the left about the LGBT community they claim to represent is astounding. You would figure those activists who say they care would care regardless of political affiliation, but they clearly don’t. Their focus rests on politics so much that they forget about the individual and human aspects.

So this clearly isn’t a celebration of the LGBT community. If it was then this would hardly be political, but let’s face facts; “Pride Month” is a heavily politicized month.

The moment Pride Month begins, you’ll have celebrities, politicians, and corporations coming out of the woodwork to put on their best “ally” performance. Corporations spend a lot of time and money making themselves look like pro-LGBT companies and politicians virtue signal without end, sometimes to their own cringy detriment.

Exhibit A:

It seems Pride Month is far more important to public-facing groups than private citizens. It makes sense. Activist groups don’t take kindly to people or organizations with large platforms not endorsing and carrying their messages. If they don’t, they’ll not only attack and mob the company publicly, but now the company may find itself getting in trouble with organizations like BlackRock and Vanguard who may harm them financially in the stock market or give them horrible lending deals.

So we can conclude that Pride Month isn’t America celebrating the LGBT community so much as activists forcing politicians and businesses to celebrate LGBT activism.


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