Netflix's Cleopatra Proves How Much the Social Justice Community Doesn't Care About Your Culture

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The dirty little secret about “social justice” is that the phrase is really just a politically correct term for “cultural Marxism.”

Those who tout that they’re warriors for social justice love to claim that their number one goal in life is to protect the disadvantaged and oppressed from the machinations of the “haves” (white, male, Christian, wealthy, etc.) but if you watch their actions more than their words, you’ll start to see that what they’re really conquerors.

Their goal isn’t to protect communities or cultures, it’s to bring them under their “protective” umbrella and then slowly corrupt and pervert them until they resemble something far more useful to the cultural Marxists.

For instance, the social justice crowd loves to claim that they’re protectors of the Hispanic community. To prove that, they often claim that we need an open borders policy for our nation. If they don’t outright say it, then their actions more than prove it.

However, if you look closely you can see the like through the cracks. If any of these immigrants prove to be troublesome, they’re held back from the border. By troublesome, I don’t mean raping, murdering, stealing, or drug dealing. No, that’s fine. By “troublesome” I mean they come to America and begin denouncing the systems that caused them to flee their own countries in the first place. They tend to recognize many of them in the Democrat Party, and soon you have a large section of the Hispanic population ready and willing to vote for Republicans. It’s one of the reasons the Biden Administration had a policy that Cuban refugees were to be held or deported, not allowed in.

Cubans tend to vote Republican, and that’s troublesome. You can rape, murder, and kidnap, but voting Republican is a real crime they can’t overlook.

As we’ve seen a few times by now, if a Hispanic person commits a heinous crime then Hispanic people suddenly become white. Apparently, if it manages to fit the “white supremacists are everywhere” narrative, then they have no trouble writing off Hispanic people as the social justice left’s most hated race.

Hispanics can’t even escape the social justice left renaming their entire culture into something the left feels is more “inclusive.” The term “Latinx” is reviled by the majority of Hispanic people and they’ve made it clear on multiple occasions that they do not prefer the term “Latinx.” Still, the social justice and corporate left continue to force the name on Hispanic people. Not only are they forcing it on them, but Democrats like AOC have also berated Hispanic people for not going along with it.

But the disrespect doesn’t just fall on Hispanic and White people. As Netflix is demonstrating, it can come for anyone at any time.

The meme that Netflix will readily race-swap historical figures in the name of “inclusivity” was wholly confirmed to be more real than a joke with the blackwashed Cleopatra. A lot of drama is surrounding this show, including the fact that it can’t seem to get good reviews from both audience and critics alike, which is rare on its own, but it also caused a huge uproar in Egypt.

According to the LA Times, Egypt’s former minister of state and top Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass came down on the series produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, calling the idea of a black Cleopatra “completely fake”:

He said that the only Egyptian rulers known to have been Black are the Kushite kings of the 25th dynasty (747-656 BC), and he accused Netflix of “trying to provoke confusion by spreading false and deceptive facts that the origin of the Egyptian civilization is Black.”

Egyptian lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary also filed a complaint with Egypt’s public prosecutor to request that Netflix be blocked in the North African nation due to the promotion of “Afrocentric thinking” including “slogans and writings aimed at distorting and erasing the Egyptian identity.”

What did the social justice lunatics at Netflix say about this concern about the erasure of Egypt’s history and its people? First, the director accused Egyptians of being racist

“Why shouldn’t Cleopatra be a melanated sister?” wrote “Queen Cleopatra” director Tina Gharavi in Variety. “And why do some people need Cleopatra to be white? Her proximity to whiteness seems to give her value, and for some Egyptians it seems to really matter.”

Then, social justice warriors here in America hounded Hawass during lectures in the United States as reported by the LA Times:

He said that when he gives lectures in the U.S., he has been confronted by Black demonstrators calling him a liar. But he said he believes they have “disorganized thinking” when it comes to ancient Egypt, which is his field of expertise.

Where is the concern for accuracy in Egyptian culture? It would appear that the social justice community is very choosy about what it considers worth respecting within its claim that all cultures need to be respected.

As I’ve written before, no matter what group you fall into, the social justice activist community doesn’t actually care about you. Their movement isn’t a movement born out of the need to help, it was born out of the will to subjugate. They will denounce, destroy, humiliate, and falsify whatever they need to about whoever or whatever is in their way. It is an authoritarian movement and it sees everyone as either useful or a hurdle. It is evil to its core, and no amount of Netflix retellings about it will change the fact.

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