It's Not Transphobia

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The term “transphobia” is incredibly loaded, as most accusatory modern terms are. It wrongfully suggests that the person arguing against the idea of gender fluidity is only doing so because they are uncontrollably afraid of people with gender dysphoria.

I’ve yet to see anyone’s fight-or-flight instincts get triggered when someone who is transgender gets near them, but there’s an incredibly strong possibility that the people who are transgender haven’t had that experience with anyone either. While I have no doubt that they’ve encountered emotionally-based resistance, I’m betting it’s never been a complete and total panic that resulted in violence or hiding.

No, the term “transphobia” is mostly a distraction technique meant to make the person arguing against societal acceptance of gender dysphoria as anything but a mental disorder seem like a person consumed with uncontrollable anger or fear. A person can make a very well-reasoned and calm argument (and you’ll often see these arguments made on RedState) and they will still be labeled as “transphobic.”

It’s easier to do that than argue the facts because when the facts aren’t on your side you have to reinforce your sincerely held beliefs somehow.

A solid example of this comes in the form of the internet personality “Mr. Beast” or Jimmy Donaldson. Loyal readers will know him as a YouTuber of great wealth and philanthropy. I’ve personally come to his defense on multiple occasions when his philanthropy is attacked by the usual (socialist) suspects as being somehow evil because it utilizes capitalism to accomplish great acts of kindness.

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However, Donaldson has an issue living under the very large shadow that he casts; his friend Chris Tyson.

Tyson was one of Donaldson’s entourage who started out as a man. He had a wife and a son and a steady life under the Mr. Beast brand. However, once the pandemic happened, Tyson began to change his appearance and then, at one point, revealed that he’d left his wife and had begun undergoing hormone therapy treatments to transition into a woman.

As YouTuber SunnyV2 highlights in a quick documentary about the issue of Tyson, Donaldson is outwardly supportive but there seems to be an undertone of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s pretty clear that people aren’t on board with Tyson’s transition in no small part because he destroyed his marriage and deprived his son of a father to look up to.

In response to this video, Donaldson accused those criticizing Chris, including SunnyV2, of “transphobia.”

I have no doubt that there are people on the internet who say things in the most offensive and horrific way possible in an attempt to hurt someone’s feelings. I’ve gotten my fair share of it as well. When you become a public personality, you’re going to get hate thrown your way.

But these kinds of comments don’t cover up the arguments that are made with the intent to make a good and solid point.

There’s a reason people turned against Tyson once he became transgender. It’s because transgenderism ruins lives, and not just the lives of the person who transitions. Tyson left behind a wife and a son, altering his relationship forever. Moreover, transgenderism is dangerous, and not because of outside hate. It’s dangerous because of self-hate. Suicide and self-harm follow transgenderism like a puppy.

Those who sink into transgenderism tend to isolate themselves from those who really love them and want the best for them. It spurs the idea of intense victimhood, creating enemies out of people who simply disagree or have concerns.

Transphobia is simply destructive.

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This isn’t an issue of blind hatred, it’s people rejecting a disease that destroys and kills in the same way they keep their distance from leprosy or deadly viruses. The only difference is that viruses and infections can’t be reasoned with and can be fought with prejudice to save the person. For people with gender dysphoria, it’s a problem that has to be talked about and worked through.

Today’s mainstream transgender activists forbid even talking about working through it unless it involves hormone treatments and dressing up like the sex they identify as. They want a full embrace of the disease or else.

Transgenderism has no place in nature. For those who have it, something has gone terribly wrong and unless something is done to help them distance themselves from their dysphoria, their lives and the lives of those who love them would be destroyed.

It’s not transphobia, it’s actually care for loved ones that make people fight against its societal blitzkrieg and its attempts to seize our children.



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