Your Children are the Social Justice Movement's Biggest Asset

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

In mid-March, Netflix released an episode of a show called “Ridley Jones,” a preschool-aged children’s animated program that featured talking animals. One of the talking animals was a young female bison named “Fred” who comes out to his grandmother (played by Cindy Lauper) as being “non-binary” and that it goes by “they/them” pronouns.

The outrage this generated from Americans, especially parents, hit Netflix like a freight train and the show was quietly dumped by the streaming service.

While Netflix might have backed down from this fight, the sad truth is that this won’t be the last time it tries. In fact, you’re going to find many children’s shows appear that have this kind of message in them. Shows that are already established may very well begin introducing characters that sport LGBT characteristics and the show will go into detail about them.

The point is to normalize this for your child. For many woke entities, you might already be a lost cause, but your child isn’t. They can be molded indirectly and made to believe in social justice from the media they consume. The sad fact is that you won’t catch all of it, especially as they grow older. They will saturate the culture with so much of this messaging that it will become unavoidable for your child. The best you can do is prepare your child for it so that when they inevitably encounter it, they’ll be more than capable of seeing through it.

But these woke entities are well aware of the danger you pose. Rest assured, separation from you is in spirit is part of their goal. The introduction of social justice into everything from the culture to the school is geared to put up a dividing barrier between you and your child.

As this one preacher in the clip below explains with a whiteboard, social justice creates an entire worldview that involves victims and oppressors. The woke ideology paints everything in this light, putting this idea of how the world works into your child’s mind. As the mainstream world defines itself in this way, your child becomes infected by it. Soon, it begins to relay this idea into their own home and the result is the child/parent relationship being defined by that oppressed/oppressor dynamic.

As the preacher notes, too many in mainstream society are ready and willing to punish the parent for simply punishing their child. Through this, the child has an element of power over the parent.

A successful turning of a child against a parent allows for outside forces to come sweeping in to be that child’s guiding hand. The parent becomes the enemy in the child’s mind and their values are outright rejected and spat on, allowing people who don’t care about or love them to mold them however they please.

This can include anything from turning them into a staunch socialist, a transgender activist, a radical feminist, a pro-abortion activist, or even an Antifa footsoldier. It could be that they’re turned into a mixture of all of them.

They become good little obedient voters who keep these woke entities in power.

Vigilance has never been more important for a parent than it is today. The terrifying reality of the modern era is that it has no scruples or morals. Its only concern is victory and it will achieve it by any means necessary. If that means ruining the life of your child and turning them into a drone for their cause then so be it.

They will continue to come for your children. They will be relentless about it. They will infect every aspect of your child’s life with it.

You are the first line of defense against your child becoming a tool of the radicals and while it’s good to play defense against them in your own home, it won’t be enough. Parents must go on the offensive. They must invade school boards, vote for school choice, and starve mainstream companies that attempt to sway their children of money where possible.

Cutting these activists off from your child at many important junctures is a huge step in fighting back woke culture from ever reaching your child, and continuing to cut them off is an absolute necessity. You can never let up, because they won’t.


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