After Drag Queen Straddles Student, a North Carolina School Is 'Revising' Its Policies

(AP Photo/Nataliya Vasilyeva)

Outrage abounded after footage of a drag queen straddling a student went viral on Tuesday thanks to the Twitter account, “Libs of TikTok.”

Now the North Carolina school in which this drag show took place is looking into its own policies.


According to Fox News, the school in question is the Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, but the students who were invited ranged as young as 14 years old. Moreover, the parents of these minors were not notified of the event before it took place:

The school confirmed in an earlier statement that students of all ages were allowed to attend, and photos posted by the school’s official Instagram account showed drag queens posing with young girls.

Promotional materials for the event, which was held at a restaurant on campus, featured photos of four drag queens and advertised a “drag performance” and “free food, drinks, music & activities.”

Paula Dibley, the school’s chief officer of student success and strategic innovation, confirmed to Fox News Digital that the girl being straddled in the video is a student, and that “parents of children under 18 were not notified of this event in advance.”

One person claiming to have direct knowledge of the event told Fox News that emails were sent to all students including the high schoolers with offers of “free pizza” but with no mention of drag queen performances. This same individual claimed some of the kids were “tipping” the performers with cash during the event.


The event was put on by a student LGBT club and was “entirely voluntary.” Regardless, due to this insane oversight, the school’s chief officer of student success and strategic innovation, Paula Dibley, said the school is reviewing policies for these events.

“We have been in close contact with our early college school leadership and are talking with both leaders and parents about how we can revise campus policies and procedures regarding early and middle college students’ attendance at campus events,” said Dibley.

The furtiveness with which the event was put on is reported to have caught the county’s health department off guard. Fox News said that the Forsyth County Health Department’s Prevent Ongoing Spread of STIs Everywhere (POSSE) program was to put up a testing station at the event but were not told about the age of the attendees being as young as they were.

“Our staff was aware that there would be drag performances but was not involved with planning the event and had no information regarding the age of the attendees,” said Director of the Health Department Joshua Swift. “We spent $58 on supplies from the department’s operational budget which is funded locally and in part by the State of North Carolina. We do not condone the actions that allegedly took place during the event.”


This is just another story on the mountain of stories of public schools introducing sex, sexuality, or gender fluidity to young students. While reports are unclear as to the college student’s age who received the lap dance, the fact that anyone got a lap dance in the presence of children should still be enough to rile parents and begin investigations.

Sadly, children are becoming increasingly unsafe in public school environments due to educators and facilitators taking it upon themselves to push children into the path of drag queens and predators.



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