Mainstream Journalism Is Dead, Long Live the Age of the Private Journalist


You are beset by liars and these liars control the biggest stages the world has ever seen. These liars call themselves “journalists,” but what they truly are is a rabble of activists with press passes.


As I’ve spoken of before, mainstream media outlets aren’t above guiding the news in whatever way will make them the most money and fulfill the most objectives. You’re more than well aware of just how deeply the mainstream media is obedient to the whims of the Democrat Party and leftist agendas. It shamelessly pushes narratives that encourage strict obedience to the Democrat Party and even activist groups through fear and hate—with an emphasis on the “fear.”

For instance, a couple of months ago, ABC News attempted to scare parents by telling them that if they don’t cure their child’s obesity right now, then they will have it for the rest of their lives and that includes all the health problems and issues that come with it. The article encourages parents not to do this slowly by changing up their diet and having them get plenty of exercise, but by giving them weight loss drugs.

CBS just so happened to have a report on a new weight loss drug for kids, and it just so happened to be out at the time of the report and at your local drug store no less!

Within the same report I reveal how the media admitted it was making climate change ads after receiving millions of dollars from activist groups to do so.

I need not remind you of the mainstream media’s complicity in everything from the Democrat Party’s agenda for the pandemic to its reporting on the “firey but mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter movement, which left towns smoldering in ash and innocent people injured or dead.


Speaking of Black Lives Matter, as I’ve also reported previously when Harvard researcher Roland Fryer found that the true culprit for increased violence in black neighborhoods was actually increased media coverage and not the police as leftist activists had claimed, Fryer took this data to the media and was immediately told to keep it to himself.

(READ: Harvard Professor’s Research Shows Media Its Responsibility for Black Deaths and the Media Told Him to Be Silent)

There’s a simple fact that modern society needs to understand: Mainstream journalism is extinct.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of real journalists that work for these news organizations that actually are doing their best to deliver unbiased, hard-hitting news. The issue is that these journalists will eventually find themselves cast out because these companies aren’t in the business of news; their main product is narrative.

But where one door closes, another one opens.

The internet has provided people who actually do care about getting the truth out a platform with which to do so. Many of these people don’t have degrees in journalism and never stepped foot in a newsroom. One day, they started writing about what was going on around them and gained a following. They began going to locations where the event was happening and speaking to those involved. Before long, they were a trusted source. Their videos may get thousands, if not millions of hits, whenever they publish.

The most popular of these get more views than many of the legacy media outlets such as CNN. And why not? While CNN is too busy trying to sell you a narrative, the private journalist was telling you the story.


As Joe Rogan points out, if it wasn’t for these private journalists, we’d all be “f***ed right now.” He’s not wrong. So much corruption and so many lies would float through the country that the truth would be nearly impossible to find.

This doesn’t come without dangers, however. Effective private journalists come under attack on the regular, and that’s no surprise when you’re a threat to a powerful person’s authority and cash flow. These attacks take on a variety of different forms, from lawsuits to congressional hearings that are, in truth, dog-and-pony show trials meant to discredit and intimidate those who stand against them.

If you need an example of that, look no further than the absolutely shameful treatment Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger got from Democrats after they exposed the Democrats for the underhanded way in which they were working with old Twitter to silence and censor conservatives.

But, again, that’s when you know a journalist is effective. When they act against you, then you’re over the target.

It’s not fun being attacked, but it’s going to happen in this business. Authoritarians are going to shut you down if you’re standing in the way of their authority, and they’ll take plenty of approaches to do that.


RedState has definitely endured its fair share of attacks, but it hasn’t stopped us. In fact, it only emboldens us to go further. Thanks to you, we can go way further than these authoritarians and leftist activists would like.

That was the point of the VIP subscriber model. Every sub makes it that much harder to shut us down or intimidate us into silence. It truly is helpful to us to keep it all going and if you enjoy us and our reporting, then we hope you consider joining up and being a part of the new media that is doing what the mainstream media should be but isn’t.

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