The Bill You're Footing for Illegal Immigration Should Send Shockwaves

It’s important to remember that the government has no money, and I don’t just mean it’s spending well beyond its limit and it’s pretty much cashing in on the nation’s credit at this point. I mean that the money it collects from you and me every April is still the people’s money. The point of it is to be spent for the betterment of the taxpayer.


Americans argue over what good spending may look like all the time. That’s politics, but one thing that can’t be argued is that taxpayers are footing an unnecessarily monumental bill on people who aren’t Americans.

According to Fox News, illegal immigration is costing taxpayers a whopping amount of money annually:

Illegal immigration is now costing U.S. taxpayers $151 billion a year, marking a 30% increase in five years, according to a new study by a hawkish immigration group being released this week.

The study, “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers 2023” by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) concludes that American taxpayers pay overall around $182 billion annually for services and benefits to illegal immigrants. However, those costs are offset by around $31 billion in taxes collected from what they estimate are 15.5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Those costs represent a 30% increase since 2017, when FAIR — which advocates for stricter border security and lower levels of immigration overall — put the annual net cost at $116 billion a year.

To be clear, America will always struggle with illegal immigration, the question boils down to how much. At this point, the Biden administration has allowed so many illegals to stream through our southern border that there is no possible way to do a head count. Estimations by FAIR put the current illegal population at 14.3 million, a huge jump from just two million in 2017.


Now as 2024 approaches, Biden’s handlers are directing the administration toward a place that looks like it’s going to be much harder on illegal immigration, but we all know this is just for show. Should he be reelected by some dark miracle, his border policies will, once again, become incredibly lax. The Biden administration has shown us where it stands on illegal immigration and like a tattoo, that mark is not just going to rub off.

The question Americans have to ask themselves is what that money could have done if it was spent here in the United States. More importantly, how much of that money could we have kept in our own wallets if the government would have just done its job in the first place and not needed so much in terms of taxes?

This is unforgivable irresponsibility.



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