Josh Hawley's Advice About the Path of the Republican Party Should Be Listened To

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At some point, the Republican Party forgot what it was and began its descent into becoming “Democrat Lite.” This was no more apparent when Republican leadership decided that it was going to go along with the Democrat’s 11th-hour Omnibus bill that read more like the Democrat Party’s Christmas wish list.


It didn’t help that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell named the Republican Party’s number one priority as being, not economic stability, national security, or even law and order, but making sure Ukraine was well funded in the war against Russia.

Needless to say, GOP voters were about one pitchfork shy of an angry mob.

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Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley is a Republican who voted against the Omnibus legislation. Moreover, he’s watching as the Democrats completely shrug off the crisis going on in East Palestine, Ohio. Like everyone else, Hawley is likely looking at the complete lack of leadership surrounding the disaster with disgust, and addressing his own party on Twitter, he showed them two paths.

“The Republican Party can be the party of Ukraine and globalists or the party of East Palestine and working Americans. Not both,” tweeted the Senator.


Hawley has touched on something that shouldn’t go over the heads of anyone with an “R” next to their name.

The Biden administration has largely abandoned Americans, instead choosing to focus on what benefits them most; approval from leaders outside of the nation and a far-left base that is so rabid that they appear larger than they actually are.

Republicans have a perfect opportunity to step in and show that they are the true leaders, not because it’s politically expedient to be so, but because that’s the right thing to do and it’s the job they were elected to do, to boot.

Republicans can no longer play “bipartisan buddies” with a party that has better things to do than put America and her people first. Its priorities clearly aren’t here, and you don’t even need to include Ohio to know that. We have a horrifically failing economy, horrendous border security, chaos in the streets, and so much corruption in Washington that it’s become impossible to keep track of it.

If the Republican Party has any sense or integrity, it will go full-bore into assisting Americans and doing what the Democrat Party won’t; lead. It will begin doing what’s necessary to help those who need it by doing its own community organizing. It won’t sit back and allow the American people to be in an abusive relationship with their own government because at the moment we very much are.


Hawley is right. Republicans need to choose now and make that choice a very public one, together and loudly.


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