James Cameron Goes Full Environmental Lunatic, Suggests Thanos' Final Solution Is 'Viable'

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The MCU’s big bad Thanos is often considered one of the greatest movie villains of all time thanks, in part, to his diabolical quest to gather the powerful objects necessary to literally snap away 50 percent of all life in the universe in order to save its resources being consumed thanks to overpopulation.


In real life, many people saw this as a horrific solution to a problem that could have easily been solved in more creative ways. To environmentalists, however, Thanos became something of a hero they completely understood and seemed to want to mimic.

This includes “Avatar”s James Cameron, who seems to think killing off half the population to save the Earth is a “viable answer.”

In an interview with TIME, Cameron commented on films that revolved around themes of environmentalism including the end of the MCU’s Infinity Saga and Thanos’s attempt to save the universe through the elimination of life. A rabid environmentalist and climate alarmist himself, Cameron is part of the “Thanos was right” camp:

Cameron may have also intended to make a larger point to Hollywood. When the director brought the idea for the first Avatar to 20th Century Fox, he says executives asked him to strip the script of “tree hugging” because they thought it wouldn’t sell tickets. He refused. Avatar went on to achieve massive success, grossing nearly $3 billion globally. Since then, other movies like Avengers: Infinity War have tackled climate change. Still, that Marvel blockbuster doesn’t exactly endorse green activism. In fact, it’s the villain who becomes so concerned with waning resources that he uses magic to snap his fingers and demolish half of all life in the universe. “I can relate to Thanos,” Cameron says. “I thought he had a pretty viable answer. The problem is nobody is going to put up their hand to volunteer to be the half that has to go.”


This solution is typically popular with pro-abortion environmentalists, who not only believe people should stop having children, but that pregnant women should get abortions to assist in stopping the climate crisis. The logic is that fewer people consume fewer resources and put out less pollution as a result. They claim this is backed by “the science.”

Interestingly, this idea was shot down by a study reported on by Vox of all sites, which said “the science” that these people pushed didn’t take into account future policies and the downward trend of carbon emissions in first-world countries, likely due to the advancement of technologies making things cleaner.

The truth is, the answer to a cleaner future isn’t death, it’s more life capable of figuring out how to advance technology to the point where environmental impact is minimal. Killing off the population and stopping the propagation of our species is just the advocating of putting humans into a state of arrested development.

But all of this isn’t addressing the fact that Cameron is saying that 50 percent of us need to die. He admits that no one wants to be part of the 50 percent, and I’m willing to bet that includes him.

In fact, the same people who advocate for the sudden decrease in population and halting of procreation are all already alive and want very much to stay that way. So, in the end, this is all just another shallow virtue signal from people who have a religious-like adherence to the idea of climate change.


And I’ll remind you that climate change is not a “settled science,” and that many of the people who want to push for a greener future are the same who do everything in their power to stop a greener future from happening.

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