YouTube CEO and Censorship Fan, Susan Wojcicki, Is Stepping Down

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The People’s Republic of YouTube is losing its dear leader, Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki.

According to Reuters, she will be stepping down after YouTube continued to suffer from a continued revenue fall for the second straight quarter.


While Reuters points at the “intense competition” from other streaming platforms such as “TikTok” and even “Netflix,” speaking to creators would likely give you a much better idea as to why the platform is suffering losses.

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Under Wojcicki, YouTube has abused censorship of everyone from conservatives to scientists that step away from leftist-approved narratives. Even Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s pro-family speech was scrubbed by YouTube with no explanation. Wojcicki herself has been very open about her wish to see the government censor speech so YouTube doesn’t have to do its dirty work for them.

Recently, YouTube changed its rules and regulations without warning, suddenly depriving many YouTube creators of their income. The sudden change caused many creators to begin looking to other services they could use, leading many to Rumble.

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Wojcicki’s YouTube has become one of the least trusted platforms in terms of how safe creators feel, and as a result, people have naturally begun using it less. Wojcicki has only herself to blame.

Reuters reports that she will be replaced by “deputy Neal Mohan, a senior advertising and product executive who joined Google in 2008”:


Mohan, a Stanford graduate, was appointed chief product officer at YouTube in 2015. He focused on building YouTube Shorts, Music and subscription offerings in the role.

He previously spent nearly six years at DoubleClick, a company Google acquired in 2008, and later served for about eight years as senior vice president of display and video advertising at Google.

While I’d like to tell you that Wojcicki’s departure may mean YouTube will see improvements, it’s very unlikely that will be the case. YouTube is ultimately controlled by Google, and Google is one of the most infested big tech companies there is in terms of radical leftist politics.

You’re not likely to see a slowdown of censorship or the lightening of rules. You probably still won’t see YouTube become more organized in its dealings with its own creators. Until YouTube is taken out of the hands of Google and someone purchases the platform with the intent to make it a more fair and free platform, YouTube will remain a crumbling kingdom.


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