NFL Fans Have Had It: Poll Shows People Overwhelmingly Want Super Bowl to Leave Politics Out

AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

The NFL has a bad track record with either flirting or full-on embracing the social justice narratives of the radical left and it would appear that football fans everywhere want the league to drop all the political nonsense at sporting events, including the most important game of the year.


According to a poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group asked likely voters: “Do you believe that sporting events, like the Super Bowl, should include political or cultural statements as part of the game and coverage, or just focus on the game itself?”

An overwhelming majority of 84.4 percent answered that sporting events should “just focus on the game.”

Only 10 percent said the political and cultural statements should be included, with 5.6 saying they were “not sure.”

It gets better.

When broken down by political affiliation, the Trafalgar Group found that even Democrats have had it with the injection of politics into sports. A massive 76.7 percent of likely Democrat voters said the NFL should simply focus on the game with only 15.6 percent of Democrats saying messages should be included.

For Republicans and Independents, the “Just focus on the game” option was the majority winner at 93.4 and 82.2 percent respectively.

This is a very interesting result, especially given the fact that the poll skewed more Democrat and female.

The NFL’s relationship with political messaging has cost the league broadcasts viewership in the past. The 2017/2018 season saw a whopping 33 percent of its audience leave the fandom over the kneeling controversy, where NFL players took a knee during the national anthem to protest the United States and Trump.


After the NFL largely abandoned social justice messaging viewership bounced back with the 2021 Super Bowl attracting over 112 million viewers.

Some fans have still yet to return over the NFL allowing the insult to the country and the troops to happen in the first place. Some fields still have references to social justice messaging, but most have resorted to vague messages of positivity and togetherness.

The NFL would be wise to listen to the people and remove any modern social messaging altogether.


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