The McCarthy Saga Gets the Ever-Hilarious 'Bad Lip Reading' Treatment

You may or may not be disappointed over California’s Rep. Kevin McCarthy finally getting the speakership but at least some good came out of it in the entertainment sector.


The famed YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has a knack for tackling some of the more critical political moments with its own brand of humor. The Republican infighting over McCarthy’s quest for the Speaker’s gavel was naturally going to be a target.

For those who have never seen or heard anything Bad Lip Reading (BLR), the channel’s creator takes anything from a President’s campaign ad to the NFL and eliminates the audio. Then, playing the characters himself, he dubs over them with words that match up to the lip movements of the subject, but oftentimes with the wrong words. What results is pure hilarity, and when it comes to serious moments in politics, it gets even funnier.

Take, for instance, the infamous moment when McCarthy confronted Florida Republican Matt Gaetz over being a holdout that ended with Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers trying to lunge at Gaetz. BLR took that moment and produced what might become many people’s favorite thing about the infighting.


Were you wondering what Gaetz and New York’s Squad Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were talking about? BLR has the answer for you.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds even got a starring role alongside Minnesota’s Tom Emmer.

If you want to see more of Bad Lip Reading’s work, including his take on a Joe Biden campaign ad, you should definitely visit his YouTube channel. BLR has been doing this work for years. He’s at his best when he’s spoofing on American politics and the NFL.

Hopefully, he’ll continue making these videos as time goes on. If U.S. politics is going to be a joke, we can at least have BLR there to make it funny.


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