Ron DeSantis Is Locked in What Might Be the Most Important Fight in America Right Now

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It always gets worse before it gets better, but that’s usually a sign that the thing you’re fighting is getting desperate. Cornered animals become more vicious, lightbulbs burn brighter before they go out, and transgender activists push very hard to get your kids to watch them dance in lewd ways before they’re defeated.

Right now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing his absolute best to make sure Florida children stay safe from predators who are attempting to indoctrinate them into a life of hyper-sexualization and normalized pedophilia.

DeSantis warned venues that minors were not to attend a touring Christmas drag show lest they face the loss of their business licenses due to the graphic and grotesque nature of the performances. The warning came from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) which made it very clear that if children attended the show, the state would come down on the business.

The venue billed the performance as an “all ages” show despite the fact that there was content clearly not suitable for children.

Despite the warning, children were in attendance at the show which included a raunchy version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” retitled “Screwdolph” and featuring glowing breasts.

According to Fox News, the DeSantis administration isn’t just sitting back and letting this defiance happen. The Attorney General’s office is now getting involved:

The state’s Attorney General Ashley Moody sounded off on the event Thursday on “Fox & Friends First,” telling co-hosts Todd Piro and Ashley Strohmier that DeSantis’ administration is not taking the incident lightly.

“This governor and our executive branch will not sit back while children or anyone else is harmed,” she said. “We’re going to look at [this case] very carefully and make sure we’re doing our jobs. That’s what people elected us to do.”

While there are plenty of important fights happening around the country for one reason or another, I would label this as one of the most important because it’s going to set the precedent for the rest of the country when it comes to tackling a very serious issue we face as a nation.

If for any reason the State of Florida backs down, it will encourage and empower the groomers like never before. They will have a roadmap to victory and it will result in more people’s children being subjected to the machinations of very evil people. You won’t even have to deny consent. They will find a way to sneak it into your child’s life one way or another.

However, if DeSantis and his administration win, this will be a crushing blow that will send shockwaves through the transgender activist community. It will be proof positive that people are out there willing to stop them and use the legal system to do it if need be.

This is nothing short of Republicans drawing a line in the sand and declaring that our children are off-limits. There should be no question about how far we will go to protect them and the DeSantis administration’s victory over this would be the minimum.

Our society is currently approaching a fork in the road when it comes to LGBT activists and how far they’re allowed to go in America. For years, many people sat back and gave them free rein because they either believed that people should be free to be free or they were too afraid to become the next target of what is a rabid activist mob.

However, this freedom has now led them to believe that they should have a say in how our children are raised, up to the point where they think engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with them is not off the table. DeSantis shutting down businesses that led children into the lion’s den should be considered the parents of America being nice.

No matter what state this happens in, coming down hard on any business willing to damage children by bringing them around people who clearly only want them around for their own sick purposes should be a norm. If DeSantis wins, you can bet that these activist groups will push even harder to normalize “kid-friendly” drag shows in other states, and other states should work to achieve the same victories DeSantis has. Eventually, there won’t be anywhere to hide except the blue states, and their PR will be so bad that they may even be forced to draw a line.


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