The Trans Activist Community Is More Cult Than Community

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Fox News’s Tucker Carlson did one of his fascinating interviews with the creator of Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik, one of the most influential Twitter accounts in the running. In one of the clips from the interview, Raichik mentions a point about the trans community that is probably a lot more true than even she understands it.

“The LGBTQ community has become this cult…and it pulls people in so strongly unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” said Raichik. “And they brainwash people to join and they convince them of all of these things and it’s really, really hard to get out of it.”

“And there are studies on this,” she continued. “There’s been a lot of reporting on this about…parents who are like ‘My child is starting to say they’re nonbinary or transgender…and what do I do? How do I stop this?'”

“It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, I think,” she added. It’s extremely poisonous.”

She’s incorrect in terms of saying we’ve never seen anything like this before, but only because she nailed it in her initial description of the community in question. The transgender activist community, in particular, does indeed use cult-like tactics to rope people in and keep them there. In this regard, we have seen this before. What we’ve not seen before is cult-like tactics utilized on such a mass scale to the point where it became a global issue.

This was deduced by a grad student named Eliza Mondegreen who was in the midst of researching gender identity. As she studied the ins and outs of what is the transgender movement, she began seeing patterns that mirrored cult indoctrination, specifically a tactic called “phobia indoctrination.”

“Phobia indoctrination instills irrational fears in members of a high-control group and uses those fears to manipulate members so they won’t question the group’s beliefs or try to leave,” Mondegreen wrote in what would become a tweet thread.

“Here’s what phobia indoctrination looks like in the trans community,” she continued. “Telling community members that anyone who questions gender identity or transition (even if from a place of genuine care or concern) hates them, ‘denies their existence,’ or even wants them dead.”

Mondegreen noted that this type of indoctrination works particularly well on younger people. The goal is to get them to isolate themselves from people who actually do care about them such as friends and family by utilizing the contradictions they espouse as “proof” that they actually hate the person targeted for indoctrination.

The cult then feeds the target information that further reinforces the delusion. In the trans cult’s case, they throw up doctored transgender death statistics and replace the cause of death with “hate.” However, more often than not, transgender people die from things like drugs, suicide, or even just plain bad luck.

Then they make it very difficult to step away from the cult by attacking and vilifying anyone trying to leave. Detransitioners are viewed as traitors and “existential threats” according to Mondegreen. This is done as a subtle threat to those in the cult, showing what might happen to them should they try to leave. This silences any questions or doubts. These questions or doubts also receive their own negative label such as “internalized transphobia” which are posed as a danger to not just the self but every trans person in the world, putting pressure on them to stay silent and obedient.

“The result? Community members gripped by irrational fears (including the fear of freely following their own thoughts); alienated from the outside world by bizarre protocols and unreasonable expectations; constantly self-policing to avoid running afoul of doctrine,” she tweeted.

To Raichik’s point, we’ve seen this before but we’ve never seen it on this scale.

This is a cult that has the backing and assistance of the legacy media and powerful people in Washington. It’s consistently reinforced in popular culture as celebrities will cave to pressure or lead the charge against those who may question the cult. Businesses in the western world will go above and beyond to bend to the will of the cult, including punishing those within their ranks that might question it. Sports leagues will reward men who claim they’re women for defeating women in women’s sports. Social media companies will reinforce the cult by punishing those who speak out against it by censoring or silencing them.

What we’re seeing isn’t the evolution of society but the domination and spread of a cultish practice across the globe.

Tucker Carlson asked Raichik if there was a spiritual element to this in the same clip. While Raichik was hesitant to answer the question, Carlson wasn’t and he’s right. There is a spiritual element to this, especially for the youth.

There is no spiritual guard up for them at this moment. There is no community they belong to of people who would care for them and guide them to the truth. The church used to fill in this blank and there was a much stronger shield around the hearts and minds of the children, but as the church has faded away from the mainstream conscience it’s been replaced with a multitude of other things.

This cult is one of them.


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