Elon Musk Isn't Paranoid, the Democrats Really are Coordinating an Attack On Him

Coincidences are actually rare in politics. Politics, at its core, is community organizing, meaning that one group or entity must get everyone on the same page and move as one toward a specific goal. This “goal” comes in many forms. It could be getting out the vote, narrative repetition, or even a concentrated attack.

If there’s one thing the Democrat Party is well versed in, it’s coordinating all of its elements into attacking targets without mercy. We’ve seen it time and again, and right now it’s happening to Twitter/Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

On Tuesday, Musk responded to a Twitter user talking about this very subject. Jason DeBolt noted that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren began attacking Musk out of the blue and for no reason, causing others to jump in and begin attacking him as well. DeBolt found it odd that of all the people they wanted to attack, it was one of the people capable of actually helping the government solve some of their issues. Musk responded that the attack that came on suddenly also came from other prominent Democrats around that time, claiming “it was coordinated.”

Moreover, the attacks haven’t stopped, and the more Musk does to bring free speech to the people and express views they don’t like, the more they will try to bring him down.

To be sure, it’s already happening. It’s no accident that Apple is looking into removing Twitter from the app store despite the app doing nothing wrong while it still allows TikTok to thrive despite it being proven Chinese spyware. It’s no coincidence that reporters are asking pre-scripted questions of Biden and his administration about the dangers of a Musk-run Twitter.

The media will scaremonger and lie about Musk and Twitter. So-called “experts” will describe all the ways he’s making society less safe. The relentless attacks on Musk from detractors and mobs on Twitter will try to make him seem incompetent, hypocritical, and evil.

And Democrat politicians will use it all as a way to begin passing laws and coming down on Musk. They will do whatever they can to break him because in doing so they will eliminate a huge source of resistance to their narratives and agendas.

This is no longer a tinfoil hat kind of statement. We know they do this because we’ve seen it so often before and very recently and openly with the attacks on Donald Trump. The saga of the Democrat Party’s attempts to bring down one man has been nothing short of desperate and disgusting with open abuses by everything the Democrats have under their control. The House, Senate, media, intelligence agencies, and activist groups were all used as a way to collapse the influence of just one person, and they didn’t try to hide it either. They considered it a proud crusade, but in doing so revealed their hand.

Musk is, for all intents and purposes, the new Trump in the eyes and minds of the left. His actions could end up toppling a lot of hard work they’ve put into over the course of years, primarily establishing narratives that Democrats worked very hard to push on the people. If dialogues are allowed to flourish and information outside of what’s approved by the Democrat Party takes root in the minds of the people, it could upend everything. A domino effect could start with people asking themselves “if the Democrats lied about this then what else are they lying about?”

So they will do what they can to attack Musk with everything they’ve got, constantly escalating the pressure and threats until Musk backs down. Alternatively, Musk could endure it all and emerge more powerful than ever.

Time will tell, but we definitely want Musk to win at this time and we don’t have to let him fight this battle alone.


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