KJP Doubles Down on WH's 'Monitoring' of Twitter, Really Doesn't Like the Free Speeching Going on There

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In the continuing saga of the Biden administration being on the wrong side of absolutely everything, White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear that they intend to pressure social media platforms like Twitter to censor speech, presumably of the conservative variety. KJP made these remarks today in a press gaggle on Air Force One as the president headed to a campaign stop in Michigan.


As the audio from the gaggle indicates, KJP was asked about her remarks yesterday that the White House would be “monitoring” the situation at Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk taking over. Their concern, of course, is that Musk is reinstating once-banned accounts, lifting shadow bans, and generally letting that thing we call free speech thrive on his platform. A platform libs thought they owned. Sister Toldjah had some thoughts on KJP’s remarks from yesterday, correctly noting:

Simply put, any communication tool that Democrats can’t in some way control presents an existential threat to their future as a party. So therefore that tool must be targeted for cancellation.

KJP’s gaggle remarks did nothing to dispel the well-founded fears of conservatives that the left will use any means necessary to stifle free speech and silence their opponents.


We’ve got some unpacking to do here. First up:

The President has long-stated his belief about the importance of social media uplifting accurate information as it relates to a once-in-a-generation virus, for example.

“Accurate information” is obviously any information Democrats and their media lapdogs deem appropriate for building the case for lockdowns, condoning government power grabs, erasing any therapies not approved by Dr. Fauci, and keeping kids out of school (and parents out of school board meetings!). KJP and her doddering boss have entrusted themselves with the job of telling us peasants what is accurate, despite their lack of command of the English language. Elon gave them a kick in the teeth by adding more voices to Twitter, not silencing them.


The use of the word “uplifting” is also interesting. It evokes thoughts of goodness, something that most definitely did not happen during the Wuhan virus nonsense. What they think we’re thinking: “Wow, our Big Tech overlords are UPLIFTING their propaganda, not silencing different views. They are so kind and generous.” What we’re really thinking: “Damn, the left really are digital brownshirts.”

KJP continued:

As for another example, Facebook has done, since the Trump administration … to reduce hate speech and misinformation.

Ah, yes, the obligatory Trump bashing. Remember, kids, it’s only “hate speech and misinformation” if a Republican or conservative says it.

And, lastly:

He’s also about the power large social media platforms have over our everyday lives, and has long argued that platforms must be held accountable for the harms that they cause. And that’s why he has long called for the greater accountability of tech platforms, including the fundamental reforms to Section 230. More competition, stronger privacy protection and greater transparency.

Yeah, he’s been “about” that since, let me check my watch, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Joe Biden, if he even knows what social media is, has indicated by his past heavy-handed actions that any reform of Section 230, a part of the U.S. Code that provides websites immunity from third-party speech, will directly target conservatives. The White House flat out admitting they will monitor Elon Musk and Twitter shows their intentions.


The left freakout over The Reign of Musk, while supremely amusing, is also a warning. They are so used to controlling the narrative that the simple act of Musk leveling the playing field on ONE social media platform has them foaming at the mouth — and they get desperate when they are rebuked. They’ll do whatever they can to make sure only their voices are “uplifted.”

KJP just admitted it.


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